Now This is What I Call a ‘THUNDERSTOMIC’ Performance!


My morning was started in very unusual way. That morning, a thunderstorm hit entire Delhi. I woke up at 6 am and left the home around 8 am to reach my office in Noida. I often travel in the metro, but on that day, Metro services were on a hold due to the bad weather condition. I could not miss my office, especially on that day… It took me so much time to reach there.


I then decided take my car and got stuck in the heavy jam. The scenario was terribly freaking me… Roads were blocked due to fallen trees and wire cables…



In the meanwhile, I got a call from Akshay (my office mate) and he told me that I have an important meeting at 11 in the office; he expected me to be there on time.







Akshay- Intehaaaaaa ho gayi… Intezaar ki…. Aaayi naa kuch khabar mere yaar ki…

Me- Yaar got stuck in a jam.. tu kaise bhi kar ke boss ko sambhaal.. main yahan kuch sochti hu

Akshay- Jaldi aayiye.. woh sadu aaj warna saari bhadas nikaal dega tujhpe..

Me—Han han, I am coming.

I got an idea and open the skype and started giving presentation to my clients. I completed it over my smart computer-tablet and shared with them via team viewer. After all, this meeting was much important for our company. I could not miss it at any cost!


“Congrats Ms. Anuja, this is the best presentation we have ever seen from your company. I appreciate your efforts. We thought that this thunderstorm will delay you, but you did it on time,” my client appreciated my efforts.




I reached office at 2 pm and got ready for another meeting. But this time, the second party was missing. I called them and got to know that those were still stuck in the jam and will unable to attend this meeting.






I decided to make a conference over messenger using mera ek matra sahara T100

This is the technology that had turned “handshake” into “handwave.” Time to transform guys!

(I must tell you – this T100 make me hooked to its transformity. I am just happy as I got two things in this – a laptop and a tablet. ek teer se do shikaar ;))

I then opened my official mail id on tablet and started conference meeting…

Did I tell that I am working in a news channel? After all these things, it was my time to cover the story on this thunderstorm.





I covered the story with my tablet camera. I made a video and within few minutes it was on Youtube and then on News channel. I was happy to read responses on my mails for my story.



I told yesterday in my office that I need to leave for a half day as I needed to attend my mom dad’s 25th anniversary. But as I came late, I could not make it. I called my husband and asked him to open skype there so that I could join them over there.


dialog 2




online money transfer

All of a sudden, I got a call from my daughter who was studying in Dehradun. She was in need of money. I transferred amount to her account in just 2 minutes.

I took pictures, given presentation, attended meeting & my family function, made a video for my story and checked mails with few clicks… All I did with my damn tablet without getting affected with this unexpected thunderstorm today… I can still download and watch a movie over it…Ahhh thanks to its long hours battery support :)

Now this is what I call a THUNDERSTORMIC performance!


#VelfieOnNokiaXL – Bigger is Better- My Indimeet experience


Unlike other meets, this Indiblogger meet became special one for me. I don’t know the reason exactly. Well, the only reason going for this meet was NOKIA. I am a Nokia fan and before having this irritating Lenovo Tablet, I was really happy with my Nokia X2 phone. Though, the program was just like other meets. Actually no! This time Indiblogger team came up with so many games due to which bloggers got more chances to get a minute fame.


From pool game to Roti-belo round, everything was so enjoyable. How can I forget the hosts- Our Pyaare Master Chefs- Vikas Khanna and Rajiv Makhni. I left from the meet as it was already 9 pm, to thodi bohot chize miss hui hain… indiblogger page pe you can have some pics. Can you see a young girl holding “belan” in her hands… That’s Rajiv Makhni’s daughter! Ouch…he is married.

Mudda bada-beheter kyu hai

NokiaXL Bigger is better because…. a chit was given to us when we entered in the Hotel. We need to fill it with fine idea.

Nokia XL BIGGER IS BETTER BECAUSE – SPACE is the thing that everyone’s looking for” I wrote.

Why? I wish I would tell it over the stage instead of making a story when Rajiv asked reason behind the idea…It could be from our personal life experience… I would have won that Nokia XL actually! My fiancé asked me why I sometimes behave like an idiot; he also said I would have won the round if I didn’t speak that “BOYFREINDS” from the mouth. Hmmm.. I think he said right…

What I really thought about my idea was only that Lenovo tab. Kabhi kabhi sochti hu… kya sach me bada beheter hai.. I seriously bought this tab due to big screen and this is where I made mistake… It’s internal memory. I forgot to consider it’s internal memory capacity. And what’s now.. I am only using whatsapp, twitter, facebook and youtube over it. JUST a FEW APPS, you know what I MEAN. And what’s more irritating… I need to delete my whatsapp chat…that sometimes makes ‘him’ to doubt on me (why I deleted my whatsapp chats). I hope you are reading it and getting it Why I ACTUALLY DELETED MY CHATS. I hope you are getting and gift me a new mobile soon…better gift Nokia as I won a portable charger of Nokia handset in the meet ;) that charger is awesome..he is on trip presently and using it.


NOKIA XL APPTASTING, by name I think it should have a LOT MORE SPACE where user can actually experience APPTASTING. This bigger is better round was truly amazing for me…Though a bit embarrassing as well…but koi na.. Life me yahi seekha hai, Never regret on the thing that gives you a little happiness. (I REALLY HAVE WON THAT NOKIA XL :( and I’m not regretting) Kash jeeta hota to review bhi dedeti.

Yeh #velfie velfie kya hai


Velfie is a video selfie. You can actually capture your perfect velfie moment with Nokia XL front camera. There was a velfie game as well played on stage. I mean how crazy is this… capturing velfie while wearing a t-shirt using ONE HAND. You can do everything with one hand, but you can’t wear a t-shirt! Can you? Well, participants did it and made it happen! We bloggers are too much creative, bas kabhi ghamand nahi kiya ;)

Ab kya.. har indimeet experience me zaroori thodi hai ki sab kuch likhun… experience me memorable moments likhe jaate hain. My experience was better than before. I just wish the team will keep on organizing meets and we bloggers will get OUR SPACE for some time.

5 Things Can Be Learn From a BREAKUP


Breakups… Sound realistic especially when you were with that ‘WRONG’ person. And what should I say about after life? It sometimes painful… sometimes… a deadly one! But anyways, as ‘free spirit’ says- “breakups BREAK you and empower you to stay UP. I think that’s why they named it as “breakup”. Scars become lousy and sometimes eternal. What is more important for a person during that phase? For me, it’s just living… living and breathing both.


After all, life does not stop for anything, not even for you, then why you should be? I mean I know it’s an easy way to say such things, but

“Sach ko jitni jaldi apna liya jaaye utna behtar hota hai na.”


Love-breakup-zindagi is the reality that 10 out of 8 individuals are facing each day. Committing suicide or giving up on life is the same thing that almost everyone is doing. But you what makes me crazy? I think you don’t need to guess…do you?

“Ek hi to life hai, use bhi aise udaas hokar jiye to kya jiye.” Wo kehte haina aajkal break up party ka zamaana hai… chill maro, khush raho. Thoda dard hota hai.. par jhelne wale to tsunami bhi jhel lete hain fir to yeh break up hai ;)

Coming to the point, I got few things that a person learn or should learn from a BREAKUP period.

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How to get signs that she loves you?


I met most of the guys with a confused mind who used to ask some tips to find out whether the girl in their mind is interested in them or they still prefer to use “just friends” tags for them. After hearing so many issues related to this topic, I decided to write a post to help all those guys who wish to be their ‘hero.’

So let’s start!

# Rule 1




Well, if the answer is yes, then you should be happy. It’s a perfect sign that she likes you, but wait; maybe as a best friend though! Try to notice her when you both talk over call. Listen to her carefully and see if she is sharing almost everything with you or not. As ‘Free Spirit’ says “not everything is shared with everyone, you need to be a special or best friend to her for this.”

Does not matter, love starts from a friendship! Try to keep this bond secure and be just like her supporter, well-wisher, best friend, and companion.

# Sign 2



Damn, this is going to be something serious dude! If she becomes red and avoids you because you were flirting to another girl at next door, then this is a sign she is insanely in love with you. This time, that “best friend” tag can’t be enough and you should better clear her about your feelings.

# Sign 3



“I don’t want to lose you, I have found a best-friend in you.” Most of you must have encountered with this statement- a kind of confusing one! She takes you as a best friend, that’s great and she does not want to lose you, that’s super-awesome. But wait? Where is the love? It’s really hidden in that losing part dumb! Didn’t get it? You must have a lucky charm or something special with you that you never want to lose. What will you do with that thing? Keep it safe so that it goes nowhere, right? This is the same thing she wants to do with you. Ignore this sign if she has ever told you that she likes someone else!

# Sign 4



This is something weird because many girls are not doing this thing whenever they are on speaking mode. A good eye contact means that she is confident and she listens to every word of yours carefully. This is another good sign because a girl only listens to those in whom they are interested.

# Sign 5



This is going to be a truly special moment as she is ready to take out some time from her busy schedule to accompany you. Don’t take this sign lightly! This simply means you are special for her.

# Sign 6



Woah! This girl is special if she really enjoys every small deed with you. No matter if that’s a fancy dress party or stealing chocolates from the store, she laughs aloud whenever she recalls such incidents every time.


If these signs are truly fit in your world, then go and plan out a date with her. You don’t know what’s this destiny is having for you. Just love her the way she is, she will not neglect your feelings!


Thank you for reading this and accepting my flaws and errors in writing! Your feedback matters a lot!

#stay blessed #Keepsmiling


A word to inspire


Inspiration is just not a mere word. It’s like talking to life and giving her reasons to smile. Why happiness and not depression? Inspiration is something that makes you feel like you are living good life. While in case of depression; you try to find some support, some help from your friends, relatives, or spouse to get out of it.

You hate that feeling and want to recover yourself soon from it and your near and dear ones make it possible. They are the shades of inspiration; sometimes black, white or grey. Here, black is refers to those who unintentionally give you the reasons to inspire. White are your dear ones who always want to push your guts and give you some motivational tips, while grey shade people always try to pull you down and this behaviour influences you to accelerate to top.

Have you ever tried to find out what makes you do so? It’s your ‘hope’ to find some piece of inspiration or motivation. And, remember that it’s a good sign! Only a positive person can let this happen. The one, who is seeking for energy- a positive one, is an optimistic. Trust me; you are lucky if you are one of those optimistic people. They are the people who get motivation out of negativity as well. It’s like when someone calls them ‘imperfect’, they thank the person to let them know about it. You will think how foolish it is, but remember- “imperfection leads to wise characters”. So, next time when they make you realize about something you can’t do in a perfect way, don’t forget to credit them as they gave you a chance to improve yourself.


Life is all about living with sorrow, sharing smiles and motivating lives. So, from now onwards when life gives you lemons, make lemonade of it! It’s not about taking things seriously, but optimistically anyhow. Be like a child and enjoy this life. It’s an only way to make things better than bitter.

Kuch Kehti Hai Yeh Zindagi


Kabhi sunoge madhham geet raagini ke

To jaanoge ki kuch kehti hai yeh zindagi

Khwaab khwahisho me mast doobe hue rang

Bankar ek chhavi si kuch kehti hai yeh zindagi


Chhoolo jo taare to aasmaan ka chand bhi tumhara hoga

Haan mehfooz usme har lamha bhi tumhara hoga

Kabhi mehsoos karoge aahatein sabhi

To jaanoge ki kuch kehti hai yeh zindagi


Lafzo me jo bayaan naa ho

Ishq-mehrooni ka khyaal naa ho

Sirf hausla ho aur jazba ho

Safar poora kar chamkila sitara duniya kahegi

Zara suno kuch kehti hai yeh zindagi


Kiya dusro par yakeen to ab khud par bhi sahi

Jeele zara thoda aur mujhe, aag abhi bhooji nahi

Milegi jannat kabhi, aas tu abhi rok nahi

Geet alfaaz banate hain aur akshar alfaazo ko

Boond-boond bharta hai gagar ko

Kabhi sunoge un tip-tip karti hui boondo ko

To jaanoge ki kuch kehti hai yeh zindagi


Romance with Tresemme


The post is about TREsemme shampoo and conditioner review in the words of Mr. Gammage (Fictional character). He has shared his romance with TREsemme. Let’s read it! :)

Pouring the milk over damped silk

Lustrous like pearls, or the moon

A moment ago the silk was dying

And a moment now, every strand shines

Exploring the pleasure with moving my fingers

Enchanting fragrance in the silk that lingers

I wonder how magical is this milk?

It is restoring the lost shine of my silk

Romancing with TREsemme to outshine damage

It is healing my split-silk, says Mr. Gamage


-          This is how TREsemme loves its user. Love TREsemme and it will love you back! Who says you can’t buy love? Buy your TREsemme love today.