Things people should learn from ‘2 States’ movie

I have seen this movie and today I can’t stop myself to talk about. No, I am not going to write review for this film in this post, but I want to share few points that “MAJESTIJIOUS” family (so called Ladke wale) should learn from this film.

Hum ladke wale hain! (We are groom’s family)

You don’t have to tell other family this thing. Showing off that you belong to groom family is not their fault. A girl (if she is straight) will obviously marry a guy so you don’t try to remind this directly or indirectly to ‘her’ family.

You should know the family who is DONATING their life (in hindi Kanyadaan) to you who later completes your family. Respect her and the family- THEY ARE NOT BEGGING TO YOU

If anything wrong happened to you that doesn’t mean another person has to live the circumstances once again! Good people won’t ever expect this thing .

A relationship requires two people or family to stay on- two people are there…but family?

Family relationship matters a lot. I heard many people who used to say “humari Vicky ki shaadi me to aise hua tha, humari Karuna ke time par ladke walo ne yahi kiya tha”. I am still in a confusion that is this just a couple wants to live together with love or the families too? If girl’s parents are celebrating some occasion, they should not expect anything from guy’s family, whereas if there is an occasion in MANLY family (with sarcastic kiss :*) they or their relatives expect from family to make them feel special.

Society sees a girl and a boy as one ‘on-paper’, but forgets all when the mission “marriage” starts.

I want to ask something- have the girl’s parents committed crime by giving birth to ‘her’? They are people who give their whole life to nurture them, to make them eligible to take responsibilities- can’t they expect respect (MIND IT NOT ATTENTION) in return. They won’t say anything, but it hurts. And at the end, relationships become sour, they become the target of society- to blame on.

Whatever happens, we won’t say anything! (Why I mean? This is KALYUG, if you won’t say, they kill you with swords of words)

Just because their daughter is getting married to your son, that doesn’t mean you are superior to them. Also when a family gives anything with love, accepting it with all your heart and giving back something in return won’t make holes in your pocket! It’s not about money, but the love they share. It’s your wish if you want to maintain healthy relationship with each other or not. Society is there to criticize your moves, it’s your heart who guides you in true direction.

I want to make a slight change in the saying – “Give respect, get respect” to “GIVE attention, GET attention”

Either live with your egos, pride that you belong to groom’s family or accept all sacrifices done by bride’s family and make them feel special.

Putting egos or shallow mind thoughts can ruin or sour relationships (which no one wants to). In the end, no one won- but humanity loses for life!


What you think about it? Hope to receive some useful comments that could influence people to change.

To think or not to think- confused me

Have you ever faced such situation when you are unable to decide what exactly you want? For me it’s just a casual thing (believe me, I am a confused spirit :/). Life is so easy going, everything seems so smooth- something we call ‘perfect’. I think so…

2014 has brought a lot of surprises, some are awaited. But what’s make me conscious is this ‘something’ that I get at least once in a year :/ – a feeling that makes me feel like I am upset for no reason… weird it is or may be not… Crying is not a solution (as I tried it before), it still happens. I am confused should I think over it or get it through like before… If I think, what will I think as I don’t know the reason or cause for this ‘something’… or may know… No, Not Again!

angel 2

It’s been time; yet another year will pass too

Life is short, they say -just smile and woo

But first let me know what I shall need

What’s burning inside that makes heart bleed

With flameless sensation, nothing comes on the way

Like a hell without devil, life is not like that they say

This is life- a confused smile

Telling me not to be crazy

Telling me not to be numb

Telling me not to be dumb

Someday ‘Something’ will gonna alright

May be not this night…

Just give some time, some more time

Just spend some time alone, some more time

Just remember it’s been time; and another year will pass too

Life is short, so -just smile and woo

Dear Media, it’s time to revise some rules that you have forgotten!

TOI Controversial updates about Deepika Padukone

I heard recent stories about Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone. I read today’s article published in Times of India and I wished to meet the writer and slap him/her for everything he/she cooked for the story. How can you be so cheap? Times of India is a leading newspaper and I think you are doing nothing but STRETCHING this news. Earlier, the news about Shweta Basu (who was arrested for prostitution) disturbed many people in the industry.

It’s good that you guys are leading the media industry, but sorry to say; after all these hypes, you need to brush up your writers skills and make them learn about all media laws. Gone are the days when people used to answer everything right on TV (RIGHT STATEMENTS, RIGHT STORIES), the motive to inform general public is now turned into money-making thing.

It’s not ethically right. I think we audiences are connected to celebs via entertainment industry. They make everything, they try their best to deliver us good movies and entertainment. What they wear, what they eat, how they sleep etc. etc. are not the things that today’s generation is looking for.

By revealing the name of Shweta Basu to get TRP and sales is just your attempt of breaking the law of defamation. No one has given the right to media to defame her by revealing her name in the news. They could also end up the story by just skipping her name or else if they used her name, why did they hide those corporate clients’ name? I appreciate the girl who arrested in this scandal for her ethics- she has not revealed their names so far. But, I think she should tell about them as both of them are equally responsible, so both of them should get punished!

It is their choice to live their life, it is their choice to wear anything they like, it is their choice to answer or not! You can’t force them, you can’t (better Should not) rape them!

The way Deepika answered via tweet was appreciated!

“YES!I am a Woman.I have breasts AND a cleavage! You got a problem!!??”

Your article – Dear Deepika, our point of view…. is just looks like you are giving clarification for your news updates. Why you make such updates that afterwards you need to clarify them???

“Deepika, just for the record, we do not zoom into a woman’s vagina or show her nipples. As a newspaper, we take every care to ensure that we pixelate them if they show up in a picture, but your cleavage is as sexy as Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘8-pack’ abs. Given the nature of the online media worldwide, there could well have been a story headlined, “OMG…Shah Rukh’s 8-pack sexy abs!!!” [[[***** I think if you guys get a chance to shoot that also, you will not going to miss it because you believe in SELLING SEX for greater TRP and response*****]]]

And when this was not enough, you put her cleavage revealing images in the end. This was a height guys! All celebs do magazine shoot, calendar shoot, so what’s the big deal! There is no point to highlight it and telling people she is having SEXY cleavage! Her fans already know it, tell them something new!

And if in future, any actress get arrested in sex scandal, it would better if you either reveal all the names or keep it secret because, in India, I think youth is already aware of the fact that many high profile models and actresses (if they don’t have a sirname like Kapoor) often encounter compromising situations, so why to defame them by revealing the identities and making life difficult to live for their families?

Please respect woman!!! And make people learn this thing! If you are not understanding this thing, women will remain insecure and will objectify by one or other media for different reasons.

news quote

Better come with good stuff next time.

Honey, I hope he doesn’t ‘lust’ you!

lust-love quoteBeing committed and being in a relationship are two different things that people need to understand. You may have read stories that ‘a guy cheats her girlfriend’ or ‘a girl dumped her old boyfriend for new one’ and trust me, it sounds like wow, I didn’t know about it (height of sarcasm). It’s not a big deal for youth today! They are getting expert in fixing their broken heart. Still some of them don’t bother about other person’s emotion and play with it for their own entertainment. Sometimes guys try to have ‘sex’ with random girls to move on. But wait, who advise you to do it? It’s morally, ethically, spiritually, and humanly wrong! You can’t be like that.

Many divorce cases are filed because spouses don’t even know the difference between ‘lust’ and ‘love’. Well, I got some points to share with you for the same. It’s not at all tough to differentiate between the lust and love. You can consider them next time and understand the depth of your relationship:

  1. If your partner is totally in awe of your features and vice versa

If you or your partner only talk about physic or figure, eyes, lips, and more (I won’t write it ;) ) then understand this is not a love for sure. Love makes you to see inside of a person rather than inside of clothes.

  1. If you are so much focused on ‘coolest’ appearance of the person

In love, people hardly care about the appearance if the soul is pure. They even like you when you sip a coffee and it left creamy mustache on your face…  If you only see the outer appearance of the person and want him/ her to be coolest then you might not take it as love. It’s a pure lust.

  1. You flirt more and hardly talk about each other’s life

This is the common thing to notice in a lusty mind. You can’t love such creatures who are never interested in knowing about your personal life!

  1. Doing PDA can be sometime adorable, but doing it all the time- give me a break please!

If the person always tries to get touchy at public places then it simply means you should stop dating him / her. Real men know the difference between right and wrong place!

  1. Meeting at private places every time

You don’t need to fear if your boyfriend takes you to the shopping after spending some quality time. However, if he always insists you to come and join him at his flat or home or private places then it’s better to stay away from such creeps. Their hunger for lust can never get over! Such people can never understand the depth of a relationship and will always fail to take responsibility of a relationship.

Leaving things blamelessly quote














कर दिया उस गुल को बा- इज़्ज़त बरी हमने
क्यों कि गुलशन-ए-बाहार में सभी गुलों में रूहानी-महक हो ऐसा मुमकिन नहीं…

English translation- I left that flower blameless ‘coz not all the flowers in a garden can have that ‘soulful aroma’