A Dream Remains

“Ok tell me, what is bothering you?” Holding her hand, Aarav brought her closer. Anushka was trying to escape from the situation like every time. She pushed him and went to the washroom.

“I am just fine. You don’t worry. I just need some time alone.” She cried silently after her words.

She came out after half an hour with red eyes and nose.  But unfortunately, he didn’t notice anything.

“I am in a mood. Hope you are not tired today?”

“I am sorry Aarav, my body is paining a lot. And I need to wake up tomorrow early and visit temple.”

He said nothing and let her sleep.

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Stumble upon a chaos – will it be OK to take a BREAK?

DisclaimerI got few queries through mail in which readers wanted to know whether the posts I write here are fiction or connected to my life. I want to thank them first for reading my blog posts with such excitement. I want them to know that all the stories and poems are just my way to express different situations and emotions encountered by different people. Though there are some quotes that explain my experiences, but again, Free Spirit is here to heal. So, I can only say that the story shared in this post is just a story with a hidden message. If it resembles someone’s life, it is merely a coincidence. (please let me know if it hits your life, I would love to know) I am writing it for my readers. I am a writer and in my writing, there is always some hidden message. Smarter ones get it. 😉 Thank you.

“Should I tell him that it’s not working? What if he would fight? What if he would say nothing? What if he would stop communicating? What if?”



What if you could say how you feel about the situation? What if you live free without regret? What if you will never see you cry?

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The Romeo et Juliet Remix Story

It’s when my friends’ (Harry) girlfriend (Shikha) asked him what he will do if their parents won’t agree to let them get married. She also told him that she will kill herself for him just like Juliet did for Romeo, if that so happen. When my friend told me about this, I was actually thinking of the story- The Romeo and Juliet. Continue reading