This life one life

This life one life live life, ‘coz one day this life one life end life.

Live this life. DO what you want, what you need. Because there would be a day come when life will not be there to make you feel alive!

Feel the feeling of those who know they have left few time to live their dreams…



Meri Jannat


Suna hai door kahin jannat hai

Jahan pariyon ka basera hai

Bhawro se ghire paaki phool

Aur khushi ka sama hai

Khoya naa paya bas dekha manzar

Lehraati hawayen aur surkh safed barfili chaadar

Sapne sa wo jahan kaed sa palkon me

Jaise koi sufiyana raabtaa ho safar se

Jo kahe sab sach kardu

Bas thaame rakhna

Jo kahe mujhse yeh bin kahe

Bas zara sambhalna

Wo roshni si subah ki sath lalima liye

Chhede zara neend me

Halki si aahat aur hawaayon me khushboo liye

Chhede zara neend me

Suna tha door kahin jannat hai

Jahan pariyon ka basera hai

Aaj paya jannat ko apne behadd kareeb

Haan ek paaki phool mere aangan me bhi khila hai

Bas ab aur kya kahen, usi se yeh khushi ka sama hai


She lived a life with all her burns

Growling thunder with sour dirt

ImageComing out from her eyes when she hurts

Seeing her smile will turn it a myth

No one can know, No one can see

She crushed the sensation with all her right


Once a while there were clouds

Raining her thorough, tantalizing her sorrows

She wanted to break that cocoon

She wanted to fly, she wanted to smile

But the dreams left her all alone


Approaching the wild, she acted like a child

Exalting the happiness, she made other smile

As much as bliss one can returns

God yet saved her, God yet blessed her

All she does and lived a life with all her burns