How to deal with trusting issues in any relationship?

Believing in your relationship is a delightful/good way to make your love life better. Have you ever thought about the way you treat your partner in public or private or how you speak to them?

The words you choose can make your relationship a lot good than you ever think, the kind of words you choose or the way you behave and treat can have the much deeper impact than you can imagine. Believing in your relationship and having faith that you will help each other and tackle all the problems whatever life hands you, is a good way to make your love life better.


When couples believe in one another and see their relationship as a place of comfort and a stage of growth, it makes the moving forward much easier and almost fun in everything that they do together.

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Friend- A Special Name to Call

कहीं सो जोगी मुझसे मिला
अपना लिया बनाए

सब ने अपना मान लिया
फिर क्यों यह मन ना अपनाए


Wherever I go,

people find a friend in me.

But whenever I look for the same,

this heart rejects them.