I Am Here


By this time
I hope you know
About the things I feel
But if not
I want you to know
About the things I feel

When I see you in the crowd
I wish I could say it loud
That you are the only one
That makes me high
Don’t know why
Maybe the smile
Or maybe these eyes
That makes me feel alive
Don’t know why

What I feel now
Haven’t felt before
What I know now
I’m falling for you more
All I want is you
All I need is you
To complete me
To stay with me

By this time
I hope you know
And if not
Do let me know
Because I am here
To listen to your talks
Share what you feel
Because I am here
Forever for you,
I am here


For The Last Time- Will You?

Will you let me cry for one more time?

But this time, I don’t want you to seek pleasure in my tears. I want you to feel them. I want you to see the pain I will shed through them. I am tired of holding them back. I am tired of faking a smile. I want to let you know I miss you. No, I am not incomplete, but different. No, I don’t want you to be there for me forever. But this time, for the last time.

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