दुआ – Wish

सुनहरे बादलों में लपेट कर यह सुबह सूरज को ले आयी तुम्हारे लिए
मेरे पास कुछ ख़ास बचा नहीं तुम्हें देने के लिए
फिर भी कुछ लफ़्ज़ों की मदद ले कर
तुम तक पहुंचने की कोशिश की है
एक दुआ जो साल पूरा होने की राह देख रही थी
आज आज़ाद हुई है
हर लम्हा – हर घड़ी – हर पहर को जियो दिल से
और मिलते रहो हर-रोज़ इस सूरज से
यही दुआ है, यही तोहफा भी

Dua - Ek Tohfa



When you are in a relationship then at some point, it’s assured that you are going to fight with your partner. It’s completely normal to have a few arguments and disagreements with your partner. But if you are fighting all the time, then it’s not for fun. It’s actually more important to ask yourself how well you and your partner create up your relationship. But if you find yourself getting insulted more than other fights and other days then before you freak out think your relationship is doomed.

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How to deal with trusting issues in any relationship?

Believing in your relationship is a delightful/good way to make your love life better. Have you ever thought about the way you treat your partner in public or private or how you speak to them?

The words you choose can make your relationship a lot good than you ever think, the kind of words you choose or the way you behave and treat can have the much deeper impact than you can imagine. Believing in your relationship and having faith that you will help each other and tackle all the problems whatever life hands you, is a good way to make your love life better.


When couples believe in one another and see their relationship as a place of comfort and a stage of growth, it makes the moving forward much easier and almost fun in everything that they do together.

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How to deal with depression without medication

Today, the huge population is suffering from depression. It’s one of the common issues these days that are growing day by day. Such issue may be very common but it requires attention and well treatment. Depression is a phase where you feel helpless and have no hope to make things right. Instead of having good and positive attitude, people suffer from negativity and bad feelings. However, it’s important to understand that you are not alone; there are lots of people outside who are going through the same thing. Depression can be avoided or be solved by taking few basic steps and changing your lifestyles routine.


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Things you can do to revive your married life after becoming parent

After Parenthood, Romance becomes a question for lots of couples. There are many cases where couple failed to keep up their love life after they become parents. And for them, their children become their first priority instead of their life partners. Such things lead issues like getting annoyed with little habits of each other, yelling at each other for no reason, and even sometimes there are lots of couples who decide to end their marriage.


However,  by taking small steps these things can be stopped, for that it’s important to understand that romance doesn’t have an expiry date and parenthood is just a part of that journey.  Well, for knowing what you should do to revive your married life even after you become parents, here are the points that will surely going to help.

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How to know if you and your partner have great intimacy?

I am little late to understand that intimacy is more than the feeling of attachment or sex. You don’t really need an active sex life for great intimacy. It is rather an emotion of oneness!

It’s just not about couple, but any two or more people who are connected with each other so well that there is zero or least chance of misunderstanding between them. Continue reading

Time Machine

I just walked through the door

Entered the floor

I saw you standing over there

You called me again

With the name that you gave

And asked me – “why I am so late?”

And when all the reasons over

I took all of your blames


This love is a time machine

In which we both are stuck together

May be you can’t see the things now

But we are still together

This love is a time machine

In which we both are stuck together

May be you can’t see the things now

But we are still together

For life!


I keep on listening to the things

You never spoken

I keep on feeling the love

When you care for me

The life is short but with you

It still goes on

This love is a time machine

In which we both are stuck together

May be you can’t see the things now

But we are still together

For life!


If ever you wish to reverse the time

Just call me by that name

And you will find me smiling like always

The dance which is still due

We shall tap with the tune someday

Because this love is a time machine

In which we both are stuck together

May be you can’t see the things now

But we are still together

For life and after!

I Am Here


By this time
I hope you know
About the things I feel
But if not
I want you to know
About the things I feel

When I see you in the crowd
I wish I could say it loud
That you are the only one
That makes me high
Don’t know why
Maybe the smile
Or maybe these eyes
That makes me feel alive
Don’t know why

What I feel now
Haven’t felt before
What I know now
I’m falling for you more
All I want is you
All I need is you
To complete me
To stay with me

By this time
I hope you know
And if not
Do let me know
Because I am here
To listen to your talks
Share what you feel
Because I am here
Forever for you,
I am here


It’s a day when I saw a man in blue for the first time
Trust me; destiny was having a plan to shine

I didn’t thought we could be so close
I was busy with time and fighting with my flaws

You seemed like a light in dark shady mine
I got a diamond, yes I got a diamond
I cried with a smile after long time

The month is special, but not more than life
If you ask my wish, there is one thing on the list –

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