Goodbyes are real

Fairy once told me how the love feels like

Like a bright sunshine that welcomes your day

Like summers and spring that take you to the bay

Like a full moon under the sky, like everything real that happens

Like everything real that teaches you lessons

Fairy oh fairy, can goodbyes last forever?

Like memories that never fade

Like that rose that bookmarked those notes

Like the wine that keeps on getting richer in taste

Like everything else that makes forever- real

Fairy then scold me- don’t get me wrong

Like heart that beats till you breathe

Like sword of words that works best

Like these tears that you drown in love

Like the emotions and spirit that show you truth

Fairy oh fairy, can goodbyes be real?

(She left the question as it is. But I got the answer)


Things that make you unhappy for life- Learn how to avoid them

While many people have forgotten the real purpose of living, Free Spirit knows and would like to share certain things that snatch your smiles and happiness every time when you repeat them. So, read it loudly inside your brain to get the imprint of each point on your nerves, this will help you in getting a better persona and happiness in life.

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A life ordinary

Out of the womb

First inhalation

The brain signals

It’s first motivation.

As I grew

So did the brain

So did my desires

On a fast lane.

Play school started

Influenced by friends

Wanted to do as they did

As that was the trend.

Stuck to books

As I was told

“They would make you something”

Was sternly told.

Study and then you would

Enjoy life and have a future bright

Any contradiction to this societal frame

Is viewed with diabolic spite.

From alpha to beta

From amoeba to Asia

Keeping in my mind that

Education is the panacea.

Innate desires and passions

Went up in a puff of smoke

The nervous system of my interests

Was ruptured in a single stroke.

Slogged night, slogged day

Slogged like the millions do

Some efforts bore fruit

Some were just too few.

The life changed so much

It’s a need vs want

The dreadful part here is

That success is the only font.

Slogging in and out

We’re a mere product

To solve some purpose

To be nothing but sucked.

Monetary value of passion

Only the cynics would guess

Not because it’s too meager

But ’cause passion is priceless.

Living the #life is passe

It’s about the survival

Darwin’s theory of the fit

Has gained a zealous revival.

The average mind here

Finds no place to grow

In the world full of chains

The seeds of complexes we sow.

The world salutes those

With grades and brands

No one relates to failure

The winner alone stands.

Conscious about the society

The laws and the conventions spun

What would others think about me

Is the seminal question.

What if we desire beyond

The continuous stock of pages

Something that our heart yearns for

Something our mind engages.

What if we conjure a life

Beyond the profits and the loss

Where I do what I wish

Where only I am the boss.

A life ordinary

About author- Udit Bhatia, an engineer and a sports lover and with a dogmatic personality, who likes to opine on things that matter to the common man. He enjoys reading books on philosophy and anthropology. The bundle of ideas that are revolving around his cerebrum and the desire to share it with people prompted him to delve into blogging five years ago and it has been, nothing less, than a surreal experience. Something that he would like to change in the world-  he want to eliminate the hypocritical mentality people have and want the world to be a neutral place where in people don’t have bias and preconceived notions on the basis of gender and social structure. He prefer substance over style. He is an aspiring manager and want to pursue management in order to augment his skills and have his own publishing house one day where he could publish books of the not so known writers.

What free spirit says- May your dream get all the wings Udit :) Thanks for contributing this lovely poem. I hope you will keep trying and never stop putting your efforts to bring that change. Keep writing and #keepsmiling.

That strange love

Love me forever, will you?

I won’t let you go, or leave you alone

I know how it feels to be, I know because I had lived loneliness

Do you know about that strange love?

It’s holding us tight, may be forever.

How weird it is see people in pain

Like they have lost everything they had

Yet some of them cherish moments they had.

That strange love may be tend them to do so,

Or loneliness may be?

Inspiration is just a hoax or maybe not,

But your smile entices this heart a lot,

That strange love I feel

With every inch of curve on your face

That strange love I see

When you look into these eyes

Asking nothing, but everything from me

Love me forever, will you?

And saying nothing, but everything to you

Love you forever, I do.

that strange love

Few questions you wish you could ask on a First Date

“Why you are still single?”


  1. Why your last relationship called-off?

Asking this question to your partner on very first date can make her/him little uncomfortable. I know you don’t have anything to do with the past, yet asking what actually happened can make the person lost inside those memories from which he/she wants to recover soon. Give time-some time.

  1. Do you have a long list of commitment issues?

Errr… Error! Again you pressed a wrong tab! This is not a thing that you can find in words. You have to analyze the behavior of a person to know how much he/she is good at commitments.

  1. Are you virgin?

You must be kidding! Well, this can be the most stupid question ever asked on a first date!  If you are a guy and you are planning to ask a girl about her virginity, beware! Not all girls can handle this question (I know, guys asked this question just to know the reaction of a girl) and a girl may not turn up again for next date with you. Stop thinking about it- being virgin or being no virgin can never affect the chemistry when THEY ARE HAVING BROAD MIND.

  1. Are you still in touch with your ex?

Talking about his/her ex on first date is the thing you should not do. The person, having a past, has come for a date with you to make new memories and not to discuss about his past life. Just talk about anything like his/her dislikes and likes, try to analyze him/her and understand his/her behavior.

  1. What’s your credit score?

This is the question that many girls want to ask on their first date (sometimes boys too). Well, if you ask this just like that- you can put a wrong impression on him. Don’t ask this, I repeat don’t ask this question unless you start sharing apartment someday.