What’s wrong with your intimate relationship?

What’s wrong with your intimate relationship?

Intimacy is a different concept of act of love that goes beyond physical realm. It is more like having emotional and mental sense of well-being in a relationship.

“A deeper connection with a person that demands firm understanding and appreciation of the other person is known as intimate relationship.”

An intimate relation includes a certain comfort level that seeks to meet the requirements and needs of both persons. If you are open and honest to your partner, then congrats, your intimacy is great. However, if you cover up things and hide most of your deeds then you need to worry about it because your relationship lacks in intimacy. If we say intimacy, we don’t mean to talk about a single act. Intimacy is rather an irreparable commitment that doesn’t change with bad or good days, and found in the lows and highs of relationships over time.

What’s wrong – If you think just sex can save your relationship

What’s true – Intimacy is beyond the physical needs. While sex can make the relationship more beautiful, intimacy doesn’t thrive in a relationship that starves for deeper connection. In an intimate relationship, couple has to fulfil emotional and mental needs of each other.

What’s wrong – intimacy is a priceless gift for lucky ones

What’s true – When we meet our partner’s need, it’s a sign of a healthy relationship. However, intimacy is different thing that can’t be bought or sold. Lavish trips, expensive gifts, and romantic dates cannot define a relationship as intimate relationship. You can create intimate relationship and it’s completely your choice.

What’s wrong – Intimacy is a fairytale thing

What’s true- Intimacy is real. All relationships have their lows and highs and intimate relationship stay despite the bad and good time. Intimate relationships are present on earth and if you know the true intimacy thing, you can understand and feel it.

Signs of an intimate relationship –

  1. You both spend time exploring each other’s interests
  2. Both of you take opinion of each other when making decisions
  3. Both of you support each other’s goals
  4. Both of you accept each other completely
  5. No matter how hard the fight, both of you make it a priority to communicate
  6. Both of you get comfortable while sharing dreams, goals, and fears
  7. Both of you treat each other with respect
  8. Both of you understand each other’s signals

If your answer is yes to most of these signs then you have a good intimacy level.

Strictness Does More Harm Than Good For Children

From my Goodreads

Yogy Mummy

Risks involved in intensive parenting

“We just want to give a good future to our kids, but these
days kids are excessively demanding and we cannot do anything except getting
strict to them.” YogyMummy talked to one of the mothers in her surrounding and
thought to share what went wrong. See, kids are immature. If you think they are
demanding money, then forget! These pure souls are seeking for love and
attention, which is immensely missing from their life these days.

We all know about our hectic routine. The 9 to 5 job is not
a true story; mothers have double responsibilities in which they earn, do
accounting, and save for family. But don’t forget to credit dads here. They
also work hard to give bright future to them. If everyone is doing their job as
they supposed to, what is going wrong in raising their children? If parents are

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दुआ – Wish

सुनहरे बादलों में लपेट कर यह सुबह सूरज को ले आयी तुम्हारे लिए
मेरे पास कुछ ख़ास बचा नहीं तुम्हें देने के लिए
फिर भी कुछ लफ़्ज़ों की मदद ले कर
तुम तक पहुंचने की कोशिश की है
एक दुआ जो साल पूरा होने की राह देख रही थी
आज आज़ाद हुई है
हर लम्हा – हर घड़ी – हर पहर को जियो दिल से
और मिलते रहो हर-रोज़ इस सूरज से
यही दुआ है, यही तोहफा भी

Dua - Ek Tohfa


When you are in a relationship then at some point, it’s assured that you are going to fight with your partner. It’s completely normal to have a few arguments and disagreements with your partner. But if you are fighting all the time, then it’s not for fun. It’s actually more important to ask yourself how well you and your partner create up your relationship. But if you find yourself getting insulted more than other fights and other days then before you freak out think your relationship is doomed.

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How to deal with trusting issues in any relationship?

Believing in your relationship is a delightful/good way to make your love life better. Have you ever thought about the way you treat your partner in public or private or how you speak to them?

The words you choose can make your relationship a lot good than you ever think, the kind of words you choose or the way you behave and treat can have the much deeper impact than you can imagine. Believing in your relationship and having faith that you will help each other and tackle all the problems whatever life hands you, is a good way to make your love life better.


When couples believe in one another and see their relationship as a place of comfort and a stage of growth, it makes the moving forward much easier and almost fun in everything that they do together.

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How to deal with depression without medication

Today, the huge population is suffering from depression. It’s one of the common issues these days that are growing day by day. Such issue may be very common but it requires attention and well treatment. Depression is a phase where you feel helpless and have no hope to make things right. Instead of having good and positive attitude, people suffer from negativity and bad feelings. However, it’s important to understand that you are not alone; there are lots of people outside who are going through the same thing. Depression can be avoided or be solved by taking few basic steps and changing your lifestyles routine.


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Things you can do to revive your married life after becoming parent

After Parenthood, Romance becomes a question for lots of couples. There are many cases where couple failed to keep up their love life after they become parents. And for them, their children become their first priority instead of their life partners. Such things lead issues like getting annoyed with little habits of each other, yelling at each other for no reason, and even sometimes there are lots of couples who decide to end their marriage.


However,  by taking small steps these things can be stopped, for that it’s important to understand that romance doesn’t have an expiry date and parenthood is just a part of that journey.  Well, for knowing what you should do to revive your married life even after you become parents, here are the points that will surely going to help.

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How to know if you and your partner have great intimacy?

I am little late to understand that intimacy is more than the feeling of attachment or sex. You don’t really need an active sex life for great intimacy. It is rather an emotion of oneness!

It’s just not about couple, but any two or more people who are connected with each other so well that there is zero or least chance of misunderstanding between them. Continue reading

Time Machine

I just walked through the door

Entered the floor

I saw you standing over there

You called me again

With the name that you gave

And asked me – “why I am so late?”

And when all the reasons over

I took all of your blames


This love is a time machine

In which we both are stuck together

May be you can’t see the things now

But we are still together

This love is a time machine

In which we both are stuck together

May be you can’t see the things now

But we are still together

For life!


I keep on listening to the things

You never spoken

I keep on feeling the love

When you care for me

The life is short but with you

It still goes on

This love is a time machine

In which we both are stuck together

May be you can’t see the things now

But we are still together

For life!


If ever you wish to reverse the time

Just call me by that name

And you will find me smiling like always

The dance which is still due

We shall tap with the tune someday

Because this love is a time machine

In which we both are stuck together

May be you can’t see the things now

But we are still together

For life and after!