Time Machine

I just walked through the door

Entered the floor

I saw you standing over there

You called me again

With the name that you gave

And asked me – “why I am so late?”

And when all the reasons over

I took all of your blames


This love is a time machine

In which we both are stuck together

May be you can’t see the things now

But we are still together

This love is a time machine

In which we both are stuck together

May be you can’t see the things now

But we are still together

For life!


I keep on listening to the things

You never spoken

I keep on feeling the love

When you care for me

The life is short but with you

It still goes on

This love is a time machine

In which we both are stuck together

May be you can’t see the things now

But we are still together

For life!


If ever you wish to reverse the time

Just call me by that name

And you will find me smiling like always

The dance which is still due

We shall tap with the tune someday

Because this love is a time machine

In which we both are stuck together

May be you can’t see the things now

But we are still together

For life and after!


The fault in our love

fault in our love

Walls built and never destroyed.

Ever wonder why most love stories fail and the couple needs to suffer from the pain of the breakup? There are many things that they don’t understand at the time they should and this leads to ending of their relationship. You may hear from your friends that they are still in touch with their ex(s) and sharing the bond of friendship. But I think when you fall (actually rise) in love with a person, you develop a never-ending bond with him/her.

It never happens and it will never happen to go back to just friends.

Now, the question is, why break up happens?

  1. Lack of Compatibility


fault in our love 1

It’s very easy and difficult at the same time because people misunderstand the term ‘compatibility’.

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Few questions you wish you could ask on a First Date

“Why you are still single?”


  1. Why your last relationship called-off?

Asking this question to your partner on very first date can make her/him little uncomfortable. I know you don’t have anything to do with the past, yet asking what actually happened can make the person lost inside those memories from which he/she wants to recover soon. Give time-some time. Continue reading

It’s about ‘we’

Story so far—-

On youtube, a video about married couple has made me emotional. And I would like to share with you, I am sure your love will get increase for your spouse. This video shows the importance of getting closer to each other

The life tests you in so many ways. After marriage, two families share bonds with each other. Giving time to every family member, especially for a girl is essential. What about husband who came at home late night after working in the office? This thought always disturbs me whenever I think about it. He still can’t manage to meet me, and after marriage, though we will be together for life, still I have a doubt that I will ever get success in recognizing each of his habit.

If you ask me now how far would I go with him to know him better, then I don’t really have any idea. Coz its always a less time spent when you are with your spouse. I think what’s more important is the way they treat each other. If any one of them takes the other for granted then there is no meaning of going to outdoor locations and spending time. We spend our time with those who are worthy of our time. So, for me distance does not matter. All I need is him and beautiful moments to live.

Need your blessings!

It’s July Ending

Talking to those memories sometime

Undulating this soul in the past time

Vindicating those covenants

And all temporal sentiments

Let’s hope, let’s pray, let’s live

‘Coz it’s July Ending


My Love Never Faked (National Bestseller) is a novel written by Nikhil Mahajan.

Meri Jannat


Suna hai door kahin jannat hai

Jahan pariyon ka basera hai

Bhawro se ghire paaki phool

Aur khushi ka sama hai

Khoya naa paya bas dekha manzar

Lehraati hawayen aur surkh safed barfili chaadar

Sapne sa wo jahan kaed sa palkon me

Jaise koi sufiyana raabtaa ho safar se

Jo kahe sab sach kardu

Bas thaame rakhna

Jo kahe mujhse yeh bin kahe

Bas zara sambhalna

Wo roshni si subah ki sath lalima liye

Chhede zara neend me

Halki si aahat aur hawaayon me khushboo liye

Chhede zara neend me

Suna tha door kahin jannat hai

Jahan pariyon ka basera hai

Aaj paya jannat ko apne behadd kareeb

Haan ek paaki phool mere aangan me bhi khila hai

Bas ab aur kya kahen, usi se yeh khushi ka sama hai


The Healing Storm

Sometimes in life, you face few unexpected moments, which give you a blend of tears and pleasure at the same time. The girl Anushka was thinking to write down this same feeling few days back and thanked a person who was the reason behind it via the post on her blog. He does not know what he did then, but Anushka thanked him to treat her that time nicely. In life, there are people who are somewhere responsible for the hidden pain inside you, and they are the one who can only console you for that. She still finds her friends talking about him.

They still ask her whether she has moved on or not. That is not a question, she says every time to them – “Of course, I moved on. But, that doesn’t mean I can hear anything for him. I know few of you will see this with a doubt; my friend and even my fiancé sometimes taunts me about the same. But, I think when you know your misdeeds, you don’t have any right to point out someone else mistakes. What he did was his part of story, and what I did was mine. No one has right to judge him or me.” Continue reading

Sorry, I do

From all of the flames

I take those blames

For all those tears

I was holding fear

Sorry I did not mean to hurt you

Sorry I did not mean to loose you

For all those fights

You were standing beside

I looked at the scars

that scared me at nights

Sorry but I never heed them up

Sorry but I needed to heal them up

From all those stories

I thought of fairies

I was holding those beeds

That you wrapped with sheets

Sorry but I will keep them with me

Sorry but you will still say – “this idiot is with me”


                                   P.S. – I always told you – Only an idiot knows how to love!