‘She’- A word meant to be more than ‘special’

One day, I met her. She was having a fine body; her small eyes were having few big dreams. She was not a fairy or a magician, still managed to keep people happy. She was a blessing from the Angel’s world. The smile she used to wear was the symbol of hiding that pain she carried all the time and got ignored by many! She was not an army woman, but a fighter. There were days when she was habitual of tears and cries. Every time she added a new hope to her life, but destiny was rude to her at times! She knew that a day come and she will smile like never before. She believed that a day come when she will get everything she deserves!

Her dreams were the only reasons behind her strong dedication. Although she met wrong ones, but found the right ones after time. She belongs to her own world and this world, surely someday; will accept her world too. I know this girl from years; I am watching her from a long time. She will not stop, she will not quit! All she will do is fight! Fight for being her, fight for being a girl! I looked at her and said- “Go on girl! Just be like this only. I know you will get all the right things in a right way!” She smiled and get back to her life once again.

God bless you!


finding happiness- An art

Its an art to find a reason of smile from small small things in our life.. like enjoy d rain wid hot jalebis.. talking to an old frnd and tease them by their x’s name.. watching n listening to a small baby wen he calls muma pa.. every 1 have some hidden reasons to smile. now it depends who have such kind of art.. 🙂