We the people

We the people

We the people, by the people, for the people!! Really??


Bhrashtmev Jayate – New Slogan for Indian Politics

Everyone says we should proud to be an Indian, but I doubt why? I mean, of course we love our country and its people, but not Wolves. Yeah right! I am talking about those wolves who are now feeding their own family and themselves by eating ‘Common Man’s flesh.’ Have you got it? Yes! I am talking about politicians- the most corrupted community in India. We usually say it’s our country and citizens should be proud of it. I will ask why. At one point, they mention that we all have right to speak, right to express, right to educate, right to live and the list goes on… Another point is that when people try to execute all their rights, they either got arrested by the police or got into controversies.

We all know about Anna Hazare and his protest. No doubt, for days he fought with corruption for sake of Indians. Many of us have seen people using his name for products as well. In Delhi, there is a market that named as ‘Anna Hazare Market’ at some place. Firstly, it was Anna Hazare and then Baba Ramdev and now, Aseem Trivedi who recently got arrested by Mumbai Police due to a cartoon made by him. As a citizen of India, I must hats off his creation that he dedicated to today’s politicians. Here is the cartoon –


We heard about 2G scams, coal mine scams, black money or Swiss bank news about Indian accounts having deposits in billions and Government still expect that we should not say a word for it. Why? Have they forgotten that our constitution is about ‘to the people, for the people and by the people?’ If Trivedi or Trivedis want to express their views and show the reality to people by making them aware about the things, then why Government is having a problem? Is the Government afraid of people or it thinks that by doing this, people will get afraid of them? In police stations, there is a quote – ‘Satyamev jayate’ written on the wall, but now after this incident; we can suggest people to turn it into ‘Bhrashtmev Jayete.’

Government again proved that its their country and they will run it as they want to. The strategy is simple, make rich richer and poor poorer and in the corrupted country, no one can think of developing nation. “Aaj ek Trivedi giraftaar hua hai… Kal lakhon honge…” Still we are living our life and believe that everything will get fine. How? By shutting the mouth against wrong deeds or by watching news over televisions? It’s our life, our country, our India and I think we need to learn again how to fight for our rights… 

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