finding happiness- An art

Its an art to find a reason of smile from small small things in our life.. like enjoy d rain wid hot jalebis.. talking to an old frnd and tease them by their x’s name.. watching n listening to a small baby wen he calls muma pa.. every 1 have some hidden reasons to smile. now it depends who have such kind of art.. 🙂


Both are same… How can anybody believe them..??? what can we do ..??

As we all are aware that elections are coming. Parties like BJP, Congress and other are as usual appealing the public to vote them. After every four years list of new promises were made by politicians of different parties before the elections. They say they are palnning for “AAM JANTA” but they have planned for something else. Some of the politicians think that public is stupid and they can make fool of them. But as its a time for youngistan who know that what is right or wrong,a time to dust off the old biases, dig a deep trench and tell the other side how wrong they are. This is a time I love, a time of fun. One thing I hate, though, is the pleading TV shows, ads, people, etc. trying to get others to vote. Why do we want people who don’t want to vote to vote? I specially request to all of the people who got calls which have been made to buy their votes.

Normally a person who vote is the person who care; and normally a person who care is the person who educate himself on the issues. Basically, vote if you want to, but don’t if you don’t want to. Sometimes people critisize the government that its not working worthly.But they forget they make it the government. Voting is a responsibilty and one who didn’t vote then he or she has no right to critisize the government at all !! and if you think that nobody is liable to vote , you simply go to polling booth and say i dont want to vote and fill that particular form in which its wriiten that you are not supporting any party. That’s new for some voters as politicians hide it. When you fill and submit that form this will counted in voting. How intresting!! you are not giving your vote to any party but still your vote is counted niether for any political party.