A Dream Remains

“Ok tell me, what is bothering you?” Holding her hand, Aarav brought her closer. Anushka was trying to escape from the situation like every time. She pushed him and went to the washroom.

“I am just fine. You don’t worry. I just need some time alone.” She cried silently after her words.

She came out after half an hour with red eyes and nose.  But unfortunately, he didn’t notice anything.

“I am in a mood. Hope you are not tired today?”

“I am sorry Aarav, my body is paining a lot. And I need to wake up tomorrow early and visit temple.”

He said nothing and let her sleep.

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The Healing Storm

Sometimes in life, you face few unexpected moments, which give you a blend of tears and pleasure at the same time. The girl Anushka was thinking to write down this same feeling few days back and thanked a person who was the reason behind it via the post on her blog. He does not know what he did then, but Anushka thanked him to treat her that time nicely. In life, there are people who are somewhere responsible for the hidden pain inside you, and they are the one who can only console you for that. She still finds her friends talking about him.

They still ask her whether she has moved on or not. That is not a question, she says every time to them – “Of course, I moved on. But, that doesn’t mean I can hear anything for him. I know few of you will see this with a doubt; my friend and even my fiancé sometimes taunts me about the same. But, I think when you know your misdeeds, you don’t have any right to point out someone else mistakes. What he did was his part of story, and what I did was mine. No one has right to judge him or me.” Continue reading

Treat of the Day

I was sleeping and it was 10 A.M. Suddenly, I heard – “Uth jaa class ka time ho rha hai”. My mom, who is the best in this world, was trying to wake me up… yes her voice works like a lively alarm bell for me. Slowly and with lots of laziness, I stand up and saw the time. Oh no! Why I can’t stop this tick-tock for few hours. Baby don’t you know I slept at 3 A.M. I ran and started getting ready for the class- my French class. I had some rose milk and rush to the metro station of Shastri Nagar. You know that in Delhi metro, we ladies have our own ‘space’ …

A troop of men was entered in the ladies coach. One of the ladies told them to step back in the previous coach, but they did not listened and guess what? Bash…boom…bang! All the ladies were shouting and the driver come out to see what’s happening. Hey, but wait! I have my class and I am already late. They were fighting and shouting louder and already wasted my 30 minutes. Finally, the doors were open and I rush towards the exit of the Pulbangash Metro station. I was planning to take the bus from there to reach on time. But, thanks to my drony nature, I preferred to take metro for Rajiv chowk instead. I was already late for my class and c’est impossible to reach there on time. And then I decided to call one of my friends and planned a hangout at India gate. What’s next? I look into my front pocket, my back one and in the bag, but could not find my mobile. And I said to myself- “bas yahi hona baki tha.”

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