The ashes



The burning heart

is the only hurt

I can feel these days

By turning hard

I could not find

The ways…

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I was walking alone

I was killing my fantasy

Don’t know how you came along

And became my everything

I shout out loud

I told the whole crowd

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How to Stop Ruining Your Relationship

A healthy relationship has fights, tears, trust, faith, respect, love and two partners who understand each other.

So you have started missing old time of romance? Everything was going well, but since few months, romantic dinners have turned into unnecessary debates and fights in your relationship. How everything has changed. Is there anything ruining everything between you both? Yes, there are things that are slowly killing the love sperms and making you a beast. How to stop it? Read this post and find out.

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Few questions you wish you could ask on a First Date

“Why you are still single?”


  1. Why your last relationship called-off?

Asking this question to your partner on very first date can make her/him little uncomfortable. I know you don’t have anything to do with the past, yet asking what actually happened can make the person lost inside those memories from which he/she wants to recover soon. Give time-some time. Continue reading

5 Things Can Be Learn From a BREAKUP

Breakups… Sound realistic especially when you were with that ‘WRONG’ person. And what should I say about after life? It sometimes painful… sometimes… a deadly one! But anyways, as ‘free spirit’ says- “breakups BREAK you and empower you to stay UP. I think that’s why they named it as “breakup”. Scars become lousy and sometimes eternal. What is more important for a person during that phase? For me, it’s just living… living and breathing both.


After all, life does not stop for anything, not even for you, then why you should be? I mean I know it’s an easy way to say such things, but

“Sach ko jitni jaldi apna liya jaaye utna behtar hota hai na.”


Love-breakup-zindagi is the reality that 10 out of 8 individuals are facing each day. Committing suicide or giving up on life is the same thing that almost everyone is doing. But you know what makes me crazy? I think you don’t need to guess…do you?

“Ek hi to life hai, use bhi aise udaas hokar jiye to kya jiye.” Wo kehte haina aajkal break up party ka zamaana hai… chill maro, khush raho. Thoda dard hota hai.. par jhelne wale to tsunami bhi jhel lete hain fir to yeh break up hai 😉

Coming to the point, I got few things that a person learn or should learn from a BREAKUP period.

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It happens!!

Once a while, for a minute, you must have liked a person. It happens and usually people take it as a love at first sight.
It happens, when you actually fall in love with someone and you are unaware of things that your heart feels.
It happens when you get to know about it, you are too late to take any decision.
The story begin with a simple “hello” word, when two strangers shows interest in each other. After a period, they become good friends and yes!! It is just their beginning. Continue reading

Nothing Last Forever

People say they will love you forever,
People say they will leave you never
But the truth is –  Nothing last for-ever….

In life at some point, you might meet a person who promises not to leave you ever in any condition at any cost. They say they will love you till their last breath. Well, grow up !! Life is not a movie. Although at some stories we do imagine ourselves in the characters, yet the life is unusual from the theater. Of course with a touch of love, life seems like a fairy tale and we grow up by seeing these tales, but life is not at all a Fairytale. It is rather much complicated one and has many unusual climaxes into it.

In this world, there are many persons who do have many faces of them. Some of them are silent and cannot express what they actually want to say. Some of them want to say something else and say something else. And some of them said something, but others take it in otherwise. There are numerous instances in your life as well.
Just like their personalities, they have different meanings of the word “Forever” in their life.

Forever … it can be For-ever and sometimes people take it as F-or-ever.

There are people who say forever and it meant to be for-ever. They simply trust and love the person undoubtedly. But there are people who believe in the other face of forever. For them Forever means F***-or-ever. We know that every relation does have some misunderstandings, but that does not mean you simply kill your relationship. Instead of that, you should try to clear your thoughts and misunderstandings. After all, it is about your life and every person has a right to live happily.

Share your problems, it may be helpful to make understanding between both of you. And if this is not also working, then it is better to choose someone who understands your emotions.

 Just remember a thing- Never embarrass your partner in front of others or even when no one is present. 
We can only expect the respect from the person and if it didn’t happened, then it’s results can be worse. Without any hesitation, one should tell what he/she actually thinks about the person fearlessly. It will help the other person to take a decision easily.

What a relationship demands? There should be trust, respect and last but not the least love. When there is any part missing, no relationship can survive. It is important to trust and respect the person you love and take a stand for him/her whenever required. There are small things that can hurt any person. So think before what you speak, specially to those who have done a lot for you.

It is true that nothing last forever, but it depends what’s your forever stands for…