My Story My words

I was in my first year of graduation. I belong to commerce stream and I opted for journalism after my twelfth. It was a very confusing stage for me as I really don’t know what I will do in my future. I observed every mate of my class and a thing that really puzzled me was my career option. Every person was so clear about his goals and I was just believed in day-dreaming. When one of my teachers asked me that what you want to become and I replied dizzily that I will become a writer. Of course, it is not only artistic, but also creative. It is not as easy as it seems. There is a lot more research to do by a writer behind his every story. One of my colleagues was looking at me with her suspicious smile. As usual, it made me think about the thing that I said to my professor. “Writer- A writer, you know who is he? How does he work? How does he write and blah blah … several questions surround me.”

On the next day, I decided to write a poem on my childhood. Okay, now what is so interesting thing about this? It was my life’s first poem that I decided to show to my professor in the next morning. At that time, I was busy in rewinding my age in my dreams. I write my thoughts, made a symmetry and its rhyming scheme. In the class, when he read my poem, guess what! My mates were amazed and even my professor too. Is it written by you? I replied yes! And it was a great feeling when he started appraising my efforts. I still remember how my mate’ doubtful expressions turn into an amazed reaction. That day boost confidence in me. It was the time when I get a real image of my side. Experience was great and I discovered my writer part at that moment of my life.



A Day Before Joining

It’s 18 July, half eye opened and half closed, I saw the watch that’s hanged on the wall. It was 9 ‘0’ clock. Suddenly, I left my bed and running here and there. It’s 18 July, I have the interview, and I don’t want to get late.
I have applied for a job of content writer. I think it’s the best job that I can do with all of my enthusiasm. I love writing, and I think it’s an easiest way for me to express myself fully. As my friends say I don’t speak too much, but they know that how well I can write. That is the thing which gives me the confidence to make career in writing. And that’s why I think being a content writer it will be a gracious opportunity for me through which I can enhance my skills by writing on different and fresh topics.
Thinking all such stuff in the mind, I got ready myself and first time in my life before giving this interview I actually went to the temple. Thinking, but keeping in mind that I am here to learn something and that’s matter. Whether I get the job or not, it’s a different thing, but every day is the day that teaches you something, which is pretty nice. My elder brother told me to reach on time for the interview.

I was nervous, not about the interview, but my bus- yes it’s making me late. After waiting for about 20 minutes, the bus came and I caught it. Now it’s a new journey of my life, a girl who is almost a graduate now, waiting for her 6th semester result. I don’t care what will be the result. I know I’ll clear the exams. And after all we know that if we are waiting for something, then something must be a good thing and more worth full. I reached to the destination. Oh! it’s a wrong building. The office that my brother told me was not there instead of three workers who were constructing the room. I called up my brother and told about it. After waiting for 10 minutes, I finally got the right address.

And now, here I am, writing, actually not, giving my practical, Oh God!! this is making me remind of my school days, where before viva, we have to give a written practical exam. But doesn’t matter, I enjoyed a lot while writing this. What will be the result I actually don’t know, but it will be good for me I believe….