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Embrace Change FreeSpiritQuote

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Time to change – Do it now!

We all have a family, a friend circle and neighbors. Together we celebrate, together we share happiness. The purpose of writing this post is to make you aware about something that you should follow in your day-to-day life. First, I want to ask how many of you go out in your local markets and enjoy food at shops like – Aggarwal sweets, Classic sweets, Bikaner, etc. Almost everybody and even I love some of the dishes like pav bhaji, ras malai, samosas, pakodas, etc. One thing that always disappoints me is when people buy something from such places and forget to take their bill copy. Do you know? When you forget to take your bill, you are actually spoon-feeding those shopkeepers who are the part of corruption. It makes them saving their tax illegally.

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