Why to be a lover and not accuser?

Are you in a relationship with someone who accuses you of cheating or flirting? And when you deny this, your partner gets angry and go mad on you and sometimes doesn’t talk… May be you are together since 4 years and your partner has never caught you cheating or expressing your feelings to someone else. But your partner just complains about all your friends (opposite sex). This behavior of your partner ruins everything and every plan you think to make the evening better. Well, Free Spirit understands!

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How to Stop Ruining Your Relationship

A healthy relationship has fights, tears, trust, faith, respect, love and two partners who understand each other.

So you have started missing old time of romance? Everything was going well, but since few months, romantic dinners have turned into unnecessary debates and fights in your relationship. How everything has changed. Is there anything ruining everything between you both? Yes, there are things that are slowly killing the love sperms and making you a beast. How to stop it? Read this post and find out.

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