She never belonged to your world!


You can provide her comfort here; you can provide her everything

She needs to make this life simple.

But when it comes to happiness,

It will remain a big deal for you!

Because she is that girl who understands money can’t buy few things. She only knows how to love. She will always be an impractical nerd. You must watch her dying like this because you love her and you cannot leave her. Because you don’t want to accept that she is unhappy here. Because according to you, women love money and can get over from everything with it.

I want to remind you that you have got a girl who is never interested in counting money but memories. She is that girl who still remembers how the guy she loved called her “gold taker” and she now knows that she is more than that. Still, it is your choice, to watch her burn in this cold world because she never belonged to your world.



पौधा (The Plant)


The Plant

The #plant once told me that there is an emptiness in the air here. I refused and brought it from its world to my world. I regret, at times heart cries…

Why any #soul cannot survive in my world?

#hinditoenglish #translation

Heart and truth

ये जो दिल है ना दिल

ये किसी की नहीं सुनता

इसे बहलाना पड़ता है

कभी झूठ से तो कभी खेल से

सच कहता है पर सच अपनाना नहीं जानता


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