How to deal with an insecure partner?

How to handle the insecurity?

If you hope that everything will be okay if the insecurity gets over, you can save your relationship. Find out what makes your partner insecure. If your partner always complain about your friends (opposite sex to be precise), it is better to arrange a meeting and introduce your friends to him/ her. If he/she feels comfortable with them, may be then they won’t complain. However, if things remain the same, you can reconsider your choice.

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Why to be a lover and not accuser?

Are you in a relationship with someone who accuses you of cheating or flirting? And when you deny this, your partner gets angry and go mad on you and sometimes doesn’t talk… May be you are together since 4 years and your partner has never caught you cheating or expressing your feelings to someone else. But your partner just complains about all your friends (opposite sex). This behavior of your partner ruins everything and every plan you think to make the evening better. Well, Free Spirit understands!

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Things you should NEVER DO if you really love someone

Many people will give you their pieces of advice what to do for keeping your relationship long-lasting. Here, Free Spirit tells you what not to do!

  1. Do not believe in the quote “if you love someone set them free”

If you really love someone, never let them go at first place. We do fight; it’s not at all wrong if you are in a relationship and debating on the things. Just don’t let them go, because once you set them free, you lose all rights to keep them in your life. Ultimately, it completely depends on them to want you or not. And sadly, they don’t.

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She never belonged to your world!


You can provide her comfort here; you can provide her everything

She needs to make this life simple.

But when it comes to happiness,

It will remain a big deal for you!

Because she is that girl who understands money can’t buy few things. She only knows how to love. She will always be an impractical nerd. You must watch her dying like this because you love her and you cannot leave her. Because you don’t want to accept that she is unhappy here. Because according to you, women love money and can get over from everything with it.

I want to remind you that you have got a girl who is never interested in counting money but memories. She is that girl who still remembers how the guy she loved called her “gold taker” and she now knows that she is more than that. Still, it is your choice, to watch her burn in this cold world because she never belonged to your world.


A Dream Remains

“Ok tell me, what is bothering you?” Holding her hand, Aarav brought her closer. Anushka was trying to escape from the situation like every time. She pushed him and went to the washroom.

“I am just fine. You don’t worry. I just need some time alone.” She cried silently after her words.

She came out after half an hour with red eyes and nose.  But unfortunately, he didn’t notice anything.

“I am in a mood. Hope you are not tired today?”

“I am sorry Aarav, my body is paining a lot. And I need to wake up tomorrow early and visit temple.”

He said nothing and let her sleep.

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Yet I miss the date


All those birthdays you had

When I was not around

To celebrate them with the cake

And food. All the time that spent

Together with you and friends

I still remember!

Though, I don’t want to recall the great

And miss you and my neverland all way

Yet I miss the date

Years gone, yet I miss the date


Some days were there when I

Wanted to travel those miles again

Some days were there when I

Wanted to see your smile again

But things remained unchanged

I wished but you never said


Maybe the time is wrong

But who cares?

Maybe the things went wrong

But who cares?

You? You care?

Maybe then, not now or never

Or maybe always

But you could have told me

You could have chosen me

You could have said to me

But you didn’t

Do you remember?


I have to live anyway, anyway

You told me the worst and kept the best

This is the only pain resides in me

I tried to win but without you

This hardship never gonna over

I know without you, this hardship

Never gonna over…


Yet I still do pray

This day and every day

May he listen to your heart

May he cure all your pain

And when I am not there anymore

In your world, in your core

All those birthdays you had

When I was not around

To celebrate them with the cake

And food. All the time that spent

Together with you and friends

I still remember!

Though, I don’t want to recall the great

And miss you and my neverland all way

Yet I miss the date

Years gone, yet I miss the date

Yet I miss the date…


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I do

The old days

When I moved out

To shop for you

The days when I wanted you

To feel like someone special

Would you mind if I do it again?

I am tired of all guilt now

I still don’t know why

Have I done everything wrong?

Or is there something bad on your side too?

I am still waiting for the words

You left unsaid

I am still living with the worse

You left me with

And I know you too…

This life, and for thousand years maybe

Will be less to love you

Will be less to miss you

Will be less always

I can only tell you

Not to regret ever in life

‘Coz what happens

Happens for good, right?

We were both right

We were both wrong

For one

I still love you

I told you

I can’t run

Tell me why I cry

When they say everything gonna be alright?

Tell me why they lie

When they say everything gonna be alright?

You’re asking me to give some time

I have given my life, but still want to hide

All pain, all tears, all fears from the world

Would you mind if I love you again?

I would love you better than yesterday

Would you mind if I want you forever again?

I would not let this forever go like every time

Would you mind if I ask you to come back to stay?

I would make you stay in my all way

But it’s better now

The shattered souls talk

They don’t want to get hurt

But I do

Forever-I do

Safarnama (सफ़रनामा )

चल छोड़ अब
खत्म करते हैं गिले -शिकवे सभी
बस यह जान ले
तुझसे प्यार किया है
बेहिसाब किया है
बेइंतेहा किया है
बेवजह किया  है
टूट कर किया है
इतना कि दुबारा
ऐसा प्यार नहीं होगा
हाँ मगर यह भी सच है
अगर मौका मिला तो
तेरे ही प्यार में पड़ेंगे
फिर किसी दिन
किसी समय
किसी ज़िन्दगी में
तब तक के लिए
चलते हैं,
ज़रा सफर तय करना है