Things you can do to revive your married life after becoming parent

After Parenthood, Romance becomes a question for lots of couples. There are many cases where couple failed to keep up their love life after they become parents. And for them, their children become their first priority instead of their life partners. Such things lead issues like getting annoyed with little habits of each other, yelling at each other for no reason, and even sometimes there are lots of couples who decide to end their marriage.


However,  by taking small steps these things can be stopped, for that it’s important to understand that romance doesn’t have an expiry date and parenthood is just a part of that journey.  Well, for knowing what you should do to revive your married life even after you become parents, here are the points that will surely going to help.

Let’s, revive the old married life again: Follow these points for the help!

Marriage is a beautiful journey of anyone’s life. It’s like a second life where you create your own little world with the help of your life partner. After becoming parents, many couples forget that they both are important for making a stable and happy relationship.  This job is not for only one person.  Lots of things that you can do after having a baby that will spice up your boring love life, here is everything that you need to do:-

#1 You can’t be always ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’

After marriage, the couple starts playing their ‘Mom’ and ‘dad’ roles instead Of ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ role. So, make a balance and set your ‘our time’ where you are no longer mom and dad. Be yourself, and enjoy your time together. After dealing with your kids and changing their diapers, you both should have time to ask about what you did the whole day and help each other to relax.

#2 Do stupid things

Well, after having kids it doesn’t mean that you should turn out as a serious and mature person. It’s important to do cute silly and stupid things to show your love and affection for your love partner.  Also, go for complimenting each other for no reason. Write love notes, cook together and help each other in doing house chores together. Don’t forget to flirt and tease each other.

#3 Don’t skip being intimate

Lots of couples didn’t give too much priority to their sex life after they become parents. Reasons are quite obvious like they don’t get time or too tired of doing anything after dealing with their kids. Well, intimacy is a crucial part of marriage. It just not satisfies the partner’s needs but also helps in making the bond between the partners strong.  Also, couples can do kissing, touching each other hands, making eye connections and quick hugs for maintaining the loving atmosphere around them.

#5 Spend time on how you look

There are lots of couples who forget to take care of themselves as they are too focused on their kids. Well, that is not a wrong thing to do however it’s important to focus on you too. Taking care of yourself will not just make you happy for yourself but also don’t let your partner’s attraction for you fade away.

#6 Stay together instead of becoming rivals

After becoming parents, lots of couples wanted to prove who is better in the role of parents. Well, that’s not the healthy thing for any love relationship. Before becoming parents, you are a husband and wife which means no matter what you both have to stay on the same team. Instead of picking out each other’s fault, try to help and take care of your kids together.

#7 Take a break, go for a date!

Remember when you had a date with your partner? If not then you seriously have to make a data plan!  Do dinners, lunch or even drink tea or coffee together. Spend some time alone and talk about what you both are going through. Date nights are one of the best options for reviving your old love life again.

#8 Face the roller-coaster of parenthood together

It’s true that life changes a lot when you become parents, as now you both have to take care of your baby and also make sure that your kid will grow up healthy as well as beautiful. For that, it’s important to stay together and face the bumps and lumps of your new journey.  Make plans and build a beautiful life for your baby with your life partner. Also, it’s important to share things and parenting style. It’s obvious, you both have a different idea of parenting where you want to become strict and careful, but your other half one wants to be a carefree and easygoing parent. It’s important to understand and respect each other’s idea of parenting instead of criticizing and blaming.

#9 Stop being controlling

For a woman, it is important to understand that surely you are a mother now but it doesn’t mean that you are his mother as well.  Keep nagging about what to do, why to do, how to do, when to do is not going to help in managing the love life you had before. Also, stop complaining about everything that your partner does. Quit if you had the habit of being drama queen around your husband and telling him how much you do for them.  For both of you, it’s important to give the respect that you both deserve.

#10 Don’t let your old self fade away

You both fall for each other, don’t let that part of you fade away when you become parents.  Love is not just about sex, it’s about how much you care for each other and how well you can show it. It’s not easy to become a parent and handle a new life, but sticking together and facing problems together will make the journey less hectic. Its obvious that you both will get tired and even exhausted at the end of the day, but don’t let these things interfering your personal time with your life partner.






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