How to know if you and your partner have great intimacy?

I am little late to understand that intimacy is more than the feeling of attachment or sex. You don’t really need an active sex life for great intimacy. It is rather an emotion of oneness!

It’s just not about couple, but any two or more people who are connected with each other so well that there is zero or least chance of misunderstanding between them. They all are compatible with one another in some way. Sometimes there are several common things or habits they share and other times there is nothing in common at all but intimacy.

How to know if there is great intimacy between you and your partner?

Here are some signs that show how well you understand each other  and the level of intimacy you both have–

  1. Telepathy is a real thing for you

You don’t really communicate with each other yet know what he/she is up to. You read each other’s mind so well that before saying any word, you understand what he/she going to say to you. This is the best sign of intimacy.

  1. You know they are there for you

“I will be there” is an old and dumb saying! Believe me, most couple promise this thing every year on the day of Valentine and forget when the eve ends. But when it is real love, you know they are there for you no matter what. You may not see them around but if you ever test, wherever they are, they show up!

  1. You both listen well

Relationship is not about two people in which one says and another listens. You both share words and listen to each other and decide together. You don’t have to struggle to make your views clear to them since they understand!

  1. You respect each other

Respect is the starter of any relationship. If you cannot respect the person, you cannot develop any relation. When two people respect each other, they have another level of intimacy that we cannot express through words but feel.

  1. You grow together

If you both grow together and mind it, I am not talking about growing as an adult from child; but growing as a better human than yesterday, then you have an amazing intimacy.

  1. You both appreciate honesty

Having an honest partner is what everyone wishes but only rare ones get them. If your partner is honest with you and you too feel no difference while being honest with him/her then you are a great couple.

  1. You know that they got a life

If you know the fact that your partner has got a life and a friend circle that may or may not include you, and you feel okay about it, then you are a true person. This level of intimacy is hard to achieve in any relationship because nobody likes to share the person they love with anyone.

When you both give space to each other, there are lesser chances of “growing space” between you and your partner.

  1. You both feel happy together

This is another sign that reveal you intimate well with your partner. If you both are happy together and if you like each other’s company, if you stick together in thin and thick then you are lucky!

intimacy and relationship

Don’t lose such person when you get one! Because, #intimacy is a real thing that happens to rarest one – #freespiritquote


2 thoughts on “How to know if you and your partner have great intimacy?

  1. I loved to read the post, very well written…

    The human nature is to give importance to whatever is at distance from him/her… But the moment one is conscious, aware of what s/he have and give importance to it, living become so beautiful… 🙂


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