How to deal with an insecure partner?

How to handle the insecurity?

If you hope that everything will be okay if the insecurity gets over, you can save your relationship. Find out what makes your partner insecure. If your partner always complain about your friends (opposite sex to be precise), it is better to arrange a meeting and introduce your friends to him/ her. If he/she feels comfortable with them, may be then they won’t complain. However, if things remain the same, you can reconsider your choice.

My partner loves me, but doesn’t respect me- what should I do?

It’s not love but attachment. Let this clear first. People, who cannot respect you, cannot love you. Respect always comes first. You can still hope to fall for a person if he/she respects you. But without respect, things just go hopeless. If your partner loves you but you feel insulted every time when you talk to him, then it simply means there are things they love about you and not you. May be your smile or innocence; but NOT YOU! So, get this fact that attachment is not love. Your partner is attached to you and when this attachment gets over, his/her love for you will also get fade. BE PREPARE!

Can insecurity be a reason why he used to disrespect me?

Yes, it is possible. You may be a social person and you love talking to stranger but if you have an insecure partner, you will be tagged as gold digger by them. Of course it is an insult, because your intentions are very clear but your partner won’t see to it. As I said before, he/ she will do accuse you to protect themselves. If you cannot change your habits and if your partner cannot accept you with your habits, it is better to quit.


You cannot take insults every time. And You should not take insults at first time. This is the mistake many people do. Fight for yourself and self-esteem. I am not saying you should not say sorry if you commit a mistake. But WHY SAYING SORRY WHEN YOU HAVE NOT MADE A MISTAKE?

All the things you read online are just to please you. There are limited websites that can truly guide you. You don’t have to save that relationship where you and your sorry never mattered.

This post is the sequel of Why to be a lover and not accuser?


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