I do

The old days

When I moved out

To shop for you

The days when I wanted you

To feel like someone special

Would you mind if I do it again?

I am tired of all guilt now

I still don’t know why

Have I done everything wrong?

Or is there something bad on your side too?

I am still waiting for the words

You left unsaid

I am still living with the worse

You left me with

And I know you too…

This life, and for thousand years maybe

Will be less to love you

Will be less to miss you

Will be less always

I can only tell you

Not to regret ever in life

‘Coz what happens

Happens for good, right?

We were both right

We were both wrong

For one

I still love you

I told you

I can’t run

Tell me why I cry

When they say everything gonna be alright?

Tell me why they lie

When they say everything gonna be alright?

You’re asking me to give some time

I have given my life, but still want to hide

All pain, all tears, all fears from the world

Would you mind if I love you again?

I would love you better than yesterday

Would you mind if I want you forever again?

I would not let this forever go like every time

Would you mind if I ask you to come back to stay?

I would make you stay in my all way

But it’s better now

The shattered souls talk

They don’t want to get hurt

But I do

Forever-I do


8 thoughts on “I do

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