Do not drink and phone!

Drunken call embarrasses you or your ex or both?

The really bad thing can ever happen to ex-flames is the call made by their past partner when one is drunk. The worse is when the person shares all the feelings that were kept inside for long. But drinking alcohol and calling your ex can be really a thing to consider? NO way, it ruins everything. Moreover, it is one of the unacceptable and irresponsible behaviors.

Suppose if I am having an ex and I called him after getting drunk and say “I can’t hate you,” what you will understand? You will understand the exact what the person should. However, if anyone asks me why you said that you can’t hate him, I would simply say because I can’t. Every person has his own perspective.
If that doesn’t mean I love him, then why I said I can’t hate him. You may wonder about the same. The words can be taken as it is- i.e. I cannot hate the person, but I want a reason to hate him.

It will put me into a shameful situation and I will not be able to forgive myself for that, then imagine how the person will do the same for me.

This is so paradox situation that you have to believe. Paradox because there is love, there is hate, both and not.
Seems complicated? If I hold or bury emotions deep inside and alcohol brings up those emotions. It makes me vulnerable if I have concealed all emotions and hide from everyone. But that doesn’t mean I am allowed to puke and hurt the person. I will start hating myself and this will make my life more miserable.

Even if you have negative vibes for your past, you should never get drunk so hard that alcohol overpowers you and makes you think or call her/him. It is unforgivable misdeed and no one deserves forgiveness for such nuisance.

hardest goodbyes

It is okay to hold emotions inside. If you are good at hiding them from people, do not let it interrupt. Because there are certain things that you need to keep with yourself only. If you want to say goodbye to your ex but you cannot do the same as it makes you happy to live with pain then it is your problem. This problem cannot be fixed by a drunken call. You will still miss the person and hate yourself for creating such fuss. Stop it or else be ready to face the consequences. Your two minutes call will ruin everything between both of you.

I remember a few months back one of my friends was drunk and she called her boss. She was so loud that nobody could believe that she was talking to her boss. Though her emotions were different and she never regrets of calling her boss that night because she told him about her frustration of not getting the promotion when she is the deserving one. She was lucky as next day her boss sent a mail regarding her promotion because she left no way out for him. But this you cannot expect from anyone every time. Especially in the case of ex.

No matter what you say during the conversation, drunken calls are problematic. You say exact you wanted to say since a long time, but somehow you were holding back your emotions. Alcohol turns down your brain and allows your heart to blurb everything you have kept inside. Nobody is that understanding one to know these emotions of yours. And your ex is no different. It is always better to switch off your mobile and enjoy the party instead of making things complicated for both.

Because this is the thing which he/she won’t forget and will give them pain. You cannot hate yourself this much to live with such regression, do you? Nobody can hate himself/herself this much; nobody can hate himself/herself this much to live with such burden in heart.

Don’t embarrass yourself or your ex by making drunken calls. If you are in touch with each other, do not think about it. This blunder will end everything including the soft corner in his/her heart for you. It is unforgettable and surely unforgivable misdeed, so it is always better to beware and do not cross the limits because there are only fewer close ones who can tolerate such behavior of yours. I used the “close one” term here to clarify that your ex is out of this league.

Note- AM Free Spirit doesn’t promote alcohol via this post. The purpose of this post was just to save broken hearts from such wounds that cannot be healed.

Do you have something to say? I am reading the comments section, you can bring your thoughts there.


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