I won’t let you cry- promise

I don’t know the future. But I know I am not your future. It’s alright. It happens. I do wish for your happiness. Even if you are not here to celebrate my happiness or cry in my sorrows, I will still pray you get the best in your life. Sometimes some people are not meant to be together- the bad luck curses them maybe. I don’t wish for anything usually. I hope you remember that I have never asked God to give me everything. This is why I did not get “everything.” But that’s okay. I was not the deserving one. I still pray you get the one who deserves your love and who will love you more. I never pray loudly- if I start doing it, everyone will get to know about you. I don’t want to. I believe in silent prayers.

promise quote

I find you in every sunset. You cannot be my mornings. Yeah, it hurts, but then moon soothes my pain temporarily. Every time when it sees me, I feel you are watching me. I hope you remember when I told you that I found my moon in your eyes. Whenever I feel lonely, I see the moon that is always looking at me like you used to look at me. I cry, smile, and sometimes laugh and share everything with the moon and imagine you know the stories. I wish I could tell the stories to you. But that’s okay.

Our love will remain love. I will not call it a curse or bad luck or anything else. It was all good. I lived every precious moment when we were together. Maybe this is why I don’t make new wishes. Maybe the excitements I shared with you were for the last time. But that’s okay. I will not blame you or me for all this. I never did. I still wish to see you and thank you for making me free. Free from emotions, free from feelings, free from everything that gives pain. I am living now without pain and hurt. I still love this life. I still love the way I am living. People call me lifeless. They call me stone cold person. But that is okay. They have never seen me loving you. I never showed them my love for you.

We are apart. You got a life and caring partner. Pray for me too, so that I may get the strongest person in my life. The person who could see all my broken pieces, and would love to put them back together and for whom that is okay. Pray for me that he could understand me and my thoughts and intentions behind my deeds.

And No, I won’t let you cry. We never let our loved ones cry. For the last time and every time, I wish for your smile and laughter. I won’t repeat old mistakes now.  I know you know how far I have come now and you too. I am a changed one and you too. Sorry for the painful past I brought to you, and now I don’t wish to. Thank you for making me learn how to love.

If God wants, we will meet again, in some other parallel world. But not in this world where egos and hatred overpower the feelings of the heart, not here where pride becomes everything for people. We will surely meet at some other time, some other place, some other world. Where I will hug you tight, grab your waist, fold my arms into you like I used to and tell everything I have kept in this heart. Till then, smile for me and live again.

Take Care

Loads of Love

She finally typed her last message to him. And took a promise from him not to contact her because it becomes tough for her to avoid anything related to him. She can never ignore him or anything related to him.

For rest of the world, she was a fighter. But her own world was unaware that she keep on choosing loss over win when it comes to him. She was not a loser, but a keeper who kept his wishes. She never wanted any mess for him to deal with now. He had gone through hell without her in the past. It was too late for her to realize the things. Not everyone understands this, but that is okay.

It’s been 55 years now. Both are living differently. The only thing that remains constant is their love for each other. He is still keeping his promise. She found a new reason to love him for keeping his promise. He is now 73, a father of a son (married) and a young daughter. She is 75, and still misses him and cries when alone. But she is the happiest one to see him smiling in latest pictures like he used to.

Though this love story did not end the way it should be. But that’s okay because love stories never end.

This post is the next part of – For the last time- will you?

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-Say before it gets too late.



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