How to Stop Ruining Your Relationship

A healthy relationship has fights, tears, trust, faith, respect, love and two partners who understand each other.

So you have started missing old time of romance? Everything was going well, but since few months, romantic dinners have turned into unnecessary debates and fights in your relationship. How everything has changed. Is there anything ruining everything between you both? Yes, there are things that are slowly killing the love sperms and making you a beast. How to stop it? Read this post and find out.

1. Stop focusing on negatives
If he does 99 great things for you, but you forget all and cry over that wet towel on the bed- this is not done. You need to count his positive points and when you start doing this thing; you will feel a change in your thoughts. You will fall for him once again.
2. Experiments
Following the routine will make you bore. Sure, having routine sounds comforting, but it is not bad at all to forget rules for a day and spend time like a lazy butt together. Meanwhile, you can share talks and this can help spark a new flame in your boring relationship.
3. Invest in yourself
It is not a selfish thing to do. You can invest in yourself and try some new things on your own. This will help strengthen your connection with him. When you start doing new things on your own, you will feel happy and secure from the inside, so there will be lesser stress and more love to think about!
4. Welcome open talks
Never feel ashamed of sharing what you feel when you are in bed with him. Talk and share the things you like, so that he can also aware of it and love you more.
5. Show interest in his passion
Take part in the conversation with him when he talks about his likes and passion. It is important to give him your attention.
6. Never take your partner for granted
Appreciate every time when he does anything for you. It could be a morning breakfast prepared by him, or dishes after dinner done by him. Never miss the chance to say “Thank you” and “I love you”. It may sound weird now, but when you start doing it often, you will see changes coming to your relationship.
7. Never involve entire circle in your problems
Privacy is the thing you should always remember. Couples fight and patch up. You cannot stop them or tell them not to fight. A #healthy #relationship has fights, tears, trust, faith, respect, love, and two partners who understand each other. Trust your partner enough to discuss the problem with him instead of your hairdresser, best friend, co-worker or any other person.

There are some missing blocks in a relationship that you must fix to have lesser fights and more love. Read this post and find why relationships do not work?




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