How your thoughts heal you?

This sounds ridiculous that your mind has a healing power. But it is true that the thoughts are extremely powerful and can bring physical and biological changes into the human.

Human mind wields incredible power and makes the immune system stronger (only when we think positive). Too much of stressing puts major negative impact on the functionality of your immune system. This is why people who take stress probably catch a cold easily.

But if you hold positive thoughts and attitude, your body undergoes tremendous changes that strengthen your immunity, boost positive emotions, chronic disease, lower pain, and give you stress-free life.

You don’t need to wait for right time to think about positive life. In fact, the time you look for positive thoughts, you find them coming to you faster than ever.

Even science has proved that happiness can alter your genes. A study made by the researchers explained that people with a deep sense of happiness and well-being had lesser inflammatory gene expression and great immunity strength that keeps them away from viral problems.


If you find happiness in playing video games, play them. If you find happiness in doing welfare for people or helping them on different matters, do that. We all need something that keeps us going and happy. Even I feel happy when I write. Writing distracts me from everything and I pour my thoughts into my posts as it makes me feel good. It’s very easy. Anything that helps you to move on from any kind of pain or stress, you should do it often.

Mind plays significant role to heal a broken heart

Everyday, new breakup stories born and everyday many hearts get broken. Sometimes the reason behind a broken heart is not a breakup, but death in a family. The extreme emotional stress can result in stress cardiomyopathy, which triggers symptoms that may cause heart attack, including chest pain, low BP, shortness of breath, and even congestive heart failure.

But if you can control your mind and the incoming thoughts, you will conquer every pain. How can you do it? How can a mind heal a broken heart? Let’s discuss-

  1. Learn to accept


If you accept the truth, then you are braver. It is always best to face your feelings, accept them and feel them. This is the only way to move on. #tryandtell

  1. Let go of guilt


If you made mistakes in your previous relationship, apologize, if necessary. Apologizing will help you in letting go of the guilt and you will move on.

  1. Stay easy on yourself

stay easy

You must understand that going through a breakup or loss is tough. Let your emotions come along with it and try not to make judgments about yourself when you need extra time to work on them.


  1. Get immersed in creativity


If you love to write (like me), sing, dance, paint, craft, or any other thing, allow yourself to make a deep dive into the creativity process. It will definitely help you in expressing your thoughts and emotions in healthier and productive way. This will ease your pain.

  1. Choose a positive mindset

stay up quote

A negative mind can never attract positivity. If you want to help yourself, first you need to quit negativity by focusing on the positive things such as-

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Make spiritual connection with nature
  • Open yourself to starting new relationships
  • Stay focused on your goals and dreams and never give up
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Visit places you love, even if they remind you of your past; make new experiences there
  • Do something for yourself, by yourself
  • Learn from mistakes; even if you didn’t make them 😉


Lastly- stay away from ANGER. It will eat and end everything inside-outside of you.

I will wait for your comments 🙂


9 thoughts on “How your thoughts heal you?

  1. Sir I would suggest you to register your blog at and find your choice of bloggers while viewing their blogs and add them to your network 🙂

    Hope it helps


  2. And that’s a way to do it.
    It’s 10/10

    It’s called Acceptance, Amendments, Pacify.
    Well as much as it feels amazing to read it, those who are confused and sad, they cannot get this straight into their head.

    You do justice to your blog name – free spirit.

    And I like the look of your blog, for the reasons you know 🙂

    Cheers Ankita.

    Liked by 1 person

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