The fault in our love

fault in our love

Walls built and never destroyed.

Ever wonder why most love stories fail and the couple needs to suffer from the pain of the breakup? There are many things that they don’t understand at the time they should and this leads to ending of their relationship. You may hear from your friends that they are still in touch with their ex(s) and sharing the bond of friendship. But I think when you fall (actually rise) in love with a person, you develop a never-ending bond with him/her.

It never happens and it will never happen to go back to just friends.

Now, the question is, why break up happens?

  1. Lack of Compatibility


fault in our love 1

It’s very easy and difficult at the same time because people misunderstand the term ‘compatibility’.

How you define compatibility? For me, it’s everything. If you are in a relationship with a guy who is able to cut your problems by half or at least, joins you and accompany you when you are in pain, then the person is truly compatible.

If you remember him/her for being with you in your worse (specifically ‘coz there are fewer who actually live your pain or loss) and happy time that means he/she is truly compatible with you.

2. Lack of Intimacy

fault in our love 2

No, intimacy should not be taken lightly. Every relation starts with friendship but not every relation ends with friendship. Confusing? It shouldn’t! If any of a person feels shy or hesitate a lot while sharing anything (means anything), then they cannot take their relationship to next level and at the end, nothing left except a few bitter and cold memories.

Maybe you have great intimacy with your best friend but you can’t be in a relationship with him/her. That’s alright. But having a girlfriend/boyfriend with no intimacy means you are living in a meaningless relationship.

The more you spend time together, the stronger bond will become. It’s just about time- invest it if you truly want to save your relationship.

3. Lack of Understanding

fault in our love 3

If you don’t have time for her, she understands. But remember, when she goes out or make plans without you, be understanding person!

If he makes time and postpone his meetings just to take you out and spend time together, but you are occupied with your job and stuff- understand his sacrifice and don’t let it get wasted. If she wants you to listen, just never try to utter anything. Listen to her first and understand what’s going wrong with her.

Understanding is a serious thing. Have you ever talked to him/her about things you hear from third person? Instead of believing them and judging your partner, you must talk to each other and clear everything so that there would be no room left for misunderstandings.

If he throws all of his anger, try to be calm and try to remember things he did for you to make you happy. This is the time you need to be positive because any negative thought can ruin your years old relationship.

“Just a thought is enough to end any relationship.” Don’t let the things to build the walls that you can’t break.

4. Lack of Communication

fault in our love 4

This may sound weird but people who are in ‘long distance relationship’ may understand this thing. Communication is a key to every relationship. Whether it is about relatives, your friend, best friend, or partner- if you are not communicating, you are killing the relation.

Long distance relationship fails because people become so busy and find difficulty in managing their relationship when there is a lack of communication. If you really want to keep the person in your life, you have to communicate in anyway.

We all are blessed today as we are living with technology. You have mobile to call, applications like whatsapp, Facebook to stalk and peek into the life of the person.

When you are blocking them, you are actually blocking all the chances to be into relation.

5. Lack of purity

fault in our love 5

Pure love is above everything. If you like anything about the person and you think you love him/her- it’s just an infatuation. Love is unconditional. You should have no reason to love your partner. You should know his/her soul. That’s important. Some may love your eyes, some may love your smile- but a few will see beyond them. A few will see all galaxies in your eyes, and their happiness in your smile.

No matter if he is XL or she is XS, if both love each other for no reason and for everything- it’s true love.

The true love is called pure as it can never fade.

Tell me have you stopped loving your parents? You can never. You can never stop loving them or hate them because of true love. I hope this example will help you in understanding the point.

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2 thoughts on “The fault in our love

  1. Ankita
    Nicely written and explained as usual
    How many times we receive… What we actually give ?
    I am not complaining or expecting
    But there’s a thin line between having and proving that you are there
    M I right ?
    Miss free spirit
    Infinite blessings to you girl
    Keep growing 😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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