How I survived


Girl- You are still alive? I heard 3 years ago that you were on last stage of blood cancer. Is it cured?
Writer – “I know what public demands.”
Girl- “But from where does this cancer come then?”
Writer- nowhere. I jotted a story. To let people know about myself. As in this world, nobody is interested to know where you have come from, but they eagerly wait for the day you die. They stalk you to see you in pain, to smile on your tears.

The example is in front of you. If I wouldn’t have spread the rumor about my death, would you have asked me this question? I am glad that you care about my death as you remember this three years old story. Just like you, many other people have also asked me months after months when I going to die.

I wish if someone would have asked “How you survived.”

‪#‎care‬ about ‪#‎life‬.



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