Things that make you unhappy for life- Learn how to avoid them

While many people have forgotten the real purpose of living, Free Spirit knows and would like to share certain things that snatch your smiles and happiness every time when you repeat them. So, read it loudly inside your brain to get the imprint of each point on your nerves, this will help you in getting a better persona and happiness in life.

  1. Comparing is ideal for goods- Be Human

This is not the first time; I have seen people comparing themselves to others. Why they do that? Instead of comparing yourself to them, you should try to have a better persona than yesterday. Do something good every day, it will bring cheers to your life.

There are people who will never stop comparing themselves with you, let them do it if they feel happy. You should live your life peacefully you are born with this right!

  1. Your fear is your only enemy- don’t fear, but don’t drink even beer!

Fear is one of the root causes that stop us to achieve our dreams. Whether it is about fear of failure, or rejection, fear of opinions or fear of making big change- “Fear is a thin line exists in your brain”. When you remember it, you forget everything.

And mind it- drinking beer is not a solution to any kind of fear. (It’s injurious to health, quit it).

  1. Stress never blows away with shopping, but with meditation

This one suits to most of my female readers. Whenever you are upset, you go out, roam in market, and buy ‘cute’ stuff that keep you remind to take it back to home. Just because the stuff is cute, but useless, you can’t really spend your hard-earned or your dad’s hard earned money.

Stop doing it now. If you really want to spend that money, try to find street children and feed them good food instead. This will surely work as a stress buster (This is my personal stress-bhagaao mantra).

  1. You care more about what others think about you

No matter what, there are some people who will always love you. And there are people who always hate you, betray you- fuck them with your ‘who cares’ attitude. This is something that you should remember in your entire life as the world is full of bastards and bitches. Don’t let them allow making you unhappy with their judgments. They do it for themselves; you don’t really have to please them!

who cares

  1. You used to lie to yourself

I mean why to? Do you know? You are the only person of this world to whom you can trust. Always be honest to yourself if you want to experience that ‘inner peace’ kind of thing. When you listen to your honest voice (which probably known as ‘mann ki awaaz’) and not burying deep down inside, you will be able to confront darkest emotions. Try it if you really want to move on with your life.

Reviews and comments are open for this post. ‘Critics’ are most welcome. Last but not the least #stay #happy #keepsmiling!



4 thoughts on “Things that make you unhappy for life- Learn how to avoid them

    • I noted your point Econads, but this is a major problem of ‘girls’. I don’t know men who go out for shopping when they are upset, but I know girls who are used to of it. Though you are right, but people are also agreeing to my perspective.


    • thank you sakshi. once a while we always forget that little things always make a difference. I thought to share all of these things to bring back all positive thoughts that people have lost somewhere.
      Thanks for reading!


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