Few questions you wish you could ask on a First Date

“Why you are still single?”


  1. Why your last relationship called-off?

Asking this question to your partner on very first date can make her/him little uncomfortable. I know you don’t have anything to do with the past, yet asking what actually happened can make the person lost inside those memories from which he/she wants to recover soon. Give time-some time.

  1. Do you have a long list of commitment issues?

Errr… Error! Again you pressed a wrong tab! This is not a thing that you can find in words. You have to analyze the behavior of a person to know how much he/she is good at commitments.

  1. Are you virgin?

You must be kidding! Well, this can be the most stupid question ever asked on a first date!  If you are a guy and you are planning to ask a girl about her virginity, beware! Not all girls can handle this question (I know, guys asked this question just to know the reaction of a girl) and a girl may not turn up again for next date with you. Stop thinking about it- being virgin or being no virgin can never affect the chemistry when THEY ARE HAVING BROAD MIND.

  1. Are you still in touch with your ex?

Talking about his/her ex on a first date is the thing you should not do. The person, having a past, has come to date you to make new memories and not to discuss his past life. Just talk about anything like his/her dislikes and likes, try to analyze him/her and understand his/her behavior.

  1. What’s your credit score?

This is the question that many girls want to ask on their first date (sometimes boys too). Well, if you ask this just like that- you can put a wrong impression on him. Don’t ask this, I repeat don’t ask this question unless you start sharing apartment someday.


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