Things people should learn from ‘2 States’ movie

I have seen this movie and today I can’t stop myself to talk about. No, I am not going to write a review for this film in this post, but I want to share few points that “MAJESTIJIOUS” family (so-called Ladke wale) should learn.

Hum ladke wale hain! (We belong to groom’s family)

You don’t have to remind this thing to others. Showing off that you belong to groom’s family is not their fault. A girl (if she is straight) will obviously marry a guy so you don’t try to remind this directly or indirectly to ‘her’ family.

You should know the family who is DONATING their life (in hindi Kanyadaan) to you who later completes your family. Respect her and the family.

If anything wrong happened to you that doesn’t mean another person has to live the circumstances once again! Good people won’t ever expect this thing .

A relationship requires two people or family to stay on- two people are there…but family?

Good relationship between two families matters a lot. I heard many people who used to say “humari Vicky ki shaadi me to aise hua tha, humari Karuna ke time par ladke walo ne yahi kiya tha”. I am still in a confusion that is this just a couple wants to live together with love or the families too? If girl’s parents are celebrating some occasion, they should not expect anything from guy’s family, whereas if there is an occasion in the guy’s family they or their relatives expect from family to make them feel special.Wow. That’s so amazing.

Society sees a girl and a boy as one ‘on-paper’, but forgets all when the mission “marriage” starts.

I want to ask something- have the parents committed crime by giving birth to ‘her’? They are people who give their whole life to nurture her, to make her eligible to take responsibilities- can’t they expect respect (MIND IT NOT ATTENTION) in return. They won’t say anything, but it hurts. And at the end, relationships become sour, they become the target of society- to blame on.

Whatever happens, we won’t say anything! (Why I mean? This is KALYUG, if you won’t say, they kill you with swords of words)

Just because their daughter is getting married to your son, that doesn’t mean you are superior to them. Also, when a family gives anything with love, accepting it with all your heart and giving back something in return won’t make holes in your pocket! It’s not about money, but the love they share. It’s your wish if you want to maintain a healthy relationship with each other or not. Society is there to criticize your moves, it’s your heart who guides you in the true direction.

I want to make a slight change in the saying – “Give respect, get respect” to “GIVE attention, GET attention”

Either live with your egos, pride that you belong to groom’s family or accept all sacrifices done by bride’s family and make them feel special.

Putting egos or shallow mind thoughts can ruin or sour relationships (which no one wants to). In the end, no one won- but humanity loses for ever!


What do you think about it? Hope to receive some useful comments that could influence people to change.


6 thoughts on “Things people should learn from ‘2 States’ movie

  1. I have watched the movie twice in theatre. 🙂

    Really a wonderful post you have compiled here 🙂

    Lesson which I learnt was…let not your past effect your future relations..

    Keep blogging


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