Honey, I hope he doesn’t ‘lust’ you!

lust-love quoteBeing committed and being in a relationship are two different things that people need to understand. You may have read stories that ‘a guy cheats her girlfriend’ or ‘a girl dumped her old boyfriend for new one’ and trust me, it sounds like wow, I didn’t know about it (height of sarcasm). It’s not a big deal for youth today! They are getting expert in fixing their broken heart. Still some of them don’t bother about other person’s emotion and play with it for their own entertainment. Sometimes guys try to have ‘sex’ with random girls to move on. But wait, who advise you to do it? It’s morally, ethically, spiritually, and humanly wrong! You can’t be like that.

Many divorce cases are filed because spouses don’t even know the difference between ‘lust’ and ‘love’. Well, I got some points to share with you for the same. It’s not at all tough to differentiate between the lust and love. You can consider them next time and understand the depth of your relationship:

  1. If your partner is totally in awe of your features and vice versa

If you or your partner only talk about physic or figure, eyes, lips, and more (I won’t write it 😉 ) then understand this is not a love for sure. Love makes you to see inside of a person rather than inside of clothes.

  1. If you are so much focused on ‘coolest’ appearance of the person

In love, people hardly care about the appearance if the soul is pure. They even like you when you sip a coffee and it left creamy mustache on your face…  If you only see the outer appearance of the person and want him/ her to be coolest then you might not take it as love. It’s a pure lust.

  1. You flirt more and hardly talk about each other’s life

This is the common thing to notice in a lusty mind. You can’t love such creatures who are never interested in knowing about your personal life!

  1. Doing PDA can be sometime adorable, but doing it all the time- give me a break please!

If the person always tries to get touchy at public places then it simply means you should stop dating him / her. Real men know the difference between right and wrong place!

  1. Meeting at private places every time

You don’t need to fear if your boyfriend takes you to the shopping after spending some quality time. However, if he always insists you to come and join him at his flat or home or private places then it’s better to stay away from such creeps. Their hunger for lust can never get over! Such people can never understand the depth of a relationship and will always fail to take responsibility of a relationship.


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