Micromax Mobile – Try it if you want to experience worst customer services

Who Says Micromax is India’s number 1 company? I strongly oppose it

I don’t know how Micromax has become India’s top mobile company. This company does not deserve to be No. 1!!! A number 1 company does provide good customer care facilities. But Micromax seems to be a BIG FAILURE in providing customer assistance. I was using handset Canvas A76 model, there was a problem in touch. I deposited my handset to a service center in GTB nagar, where I saw over 50 more Micromax users who arrived their for different issues.
They already told me that this is their initial steps. They will tell you to collect your handset after 15 days and when you visit the center after 15 days, they will ask you to wait for more 10 days or else take your handset to a local shop to fix the issue! It’s not our fault as the parts used in your handset will take time to come to us from company. I just want to know what special parts are there that you guys can’t stock for supplying in the servicing centers? Is this a way of treating your customers Micromax?????
Another point I want to tell you guys is that just because of your POOR ATTITUDE towards services, that shopkeeper has been hospitalised (someone attempted murder). People over there was claiming that “this has supposed to be done, it must be a user himself who injured him so badly due to anger”. I am disappointed with its services and have removed Micromax from my list of next purchases!!!

If you guys want to save yourself and moreover your precious savings then don’t buy Micromax handsets. These guys ARE NOT ABLE TO PROVIDE BEST SERVICES AS A NUMBER 1 COMPANY SUPPOSED TO BE. Be aware, you can’t fool your customers.

Take it as a hard punch with an attitude!!!!



2 thoughts on “Micromax Mobile – Try it if you want to experience worst customer services

  1. Pl add this to above:
    There is not a single number that your service centre guys pick up.
    They are actually a bunch of trained+experienced+professional liars, who keep committing to collect the phone next week. And when they give it back, they don’t even bother to check whether the phone has actually been repaired.


    • Hi Harsh,

      I dumped the set long back and have also decided not to be a ‘fool’ again!
      They will keep on telling you to collect phone by next week but their next week turns into minimum 9-10 months. I won’t suggest you to waste your fuel and time on this.. better buy samsung or if you have good budget- go with iOS.


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