Marriage is the only point that makes most of us speechless, moreover numb, or rather say dumb. I did not want to marry and for this, I discovered many reasons and told my mom. But wait! Are these reasons really sound stupid? Can somebody prove my mom wrong please!

#1 Sabki hoti hai, par sab mein main nahi aati- (Everybody gets married someday, but I don’t belong to everybody’s list!)








#2 Let me grow my hair till waist, I promise I will say ‘Yes’










#3 Don’t wake me up, reality is scary and it will make me cry











#4 I want to feel the craziness at its best













#5 Phew!Look at me, I am still a kid, don’t you think so?












#6 I need a break, please leave me alone










#7 I still don’t have good fashion skills










#8 My friends think it’s too early to get marry








#9 I am not mad and I am not going to hammer to my head









#10 I don’t want that any of my friend calls me an idiot









In the end I told her that I am ready for only one thing and that’s PARTY


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