A hunt for ‘naked’ face- Wish you happy friendship day!

Ever wonder why people are supposed to be so sweet in front of you at a time and at another time they just puke behind your back? There are few things that you should notice to recognize the realism of a person. Today, the world is not only globalized, but has turn into a socialized place- where people just don’t bother about anyone else except themselves. The life has just limited to Facebook! You should agree on this point if you are anti-facebook. Alas! I miss the time when we don’t have mobiles and call to our friends (even boyfriend) from home landline. Those were the days actually which I want to relive.

That was a real time when you just ask your friend to plan and meet up, but today, I don’t know if I am criticizing social media or not; but this technology is been misused at every moment across the world. People just hunt for friends in this fake social world and forget that reality is just waiting for them outside the doors. Social media is to cater your social needs buddy, it’s not meant for searching a best friend!


I know many of my friends are fed up of fake faces and every eye is just hunting for a ‘naked’ face. But this is what you can’t expect from any social media site. C’mon buddy, why don’t you try a solo trip and explore the world instead of faking on such sites!

Well, you can rescue yourself from such mad-mad world and can consider few things that I am specially sharing in this post-




  1. Do you have a friend who just whatsapp or inbox you on FB whenever he needs something?fake peopleShona baby, achiku, ole ole I know you are kiddo that’s why you did not get to know that such people are just not worth of your friendship. Tell me when they have asked about your health or life? You have a whole life to think over it, but alas! Why you should waste your time? Money does not matter, after all a friend in need is a friend indeed. Just check the situation by reversing and see will he also help you out like you did.
  2. “_______ feeling sick” on facebook, they COMMENT


they dont care


This is the irritating thing I came across on Facebook. It’s fine if you are feeling sick, but then why to share with your entire friend list and pamper yourself with sympathy type words. You are not a sympathy seeker. Are you? If so, then you should know that those people can only comment over it. If you want to try, try it and let me know how many have called you or inbox you instantly?

  1. Some people are like angel, they just come to stop your falling tears when others hurt you

true friend

Have you met any such person on social media? If yes, then don’t lose him/her. There are only few people who can really think of others smiles and can never see them crying or in upset mood. Yes, your guess is right! He/she is your friend – a good friend. I know he/she doesn’t talk to you often, but whenever he/she talks, you start speaking breathlessly and on other side, he/she calmly listen you. Sometimes when you are just low, they cross your way and give you a smile!


4. Hey long time! It’s friendship day, let’s celebrate

Don’t go out with them please! Just wish them in a reply and make a reason for not going out with them and you know why I am saying this. If they can’t find time to stay with you in your bad time, don’t allow them to enjoy your share of joys. Sometimes its good to be selfish!

5. You don’t heard from them since long and a call just make your day especially when its your Birthday!

Honestly speaking, I don’t talk much to my all friends, but yes I wish them on their birthday every year. It feels good, and after all there is no right time to wish something good for anyone 🙂

I hope you have understood the difference that I want to explain with my post. I just wish you good luck and may your hunt for ‘naked’ face get over. I got only these points till now. I know I am writing this post after so long, but you know what? After working for almost 9 hrs and baking up around 2000 words, I don’t have much to share on my blog. Still, I will keep on trying to share something good with my every post. Stay real guys! It feels wonderful.


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