Now This is What I Call a ‘THUNDERSTOMIC’ Performance!

My morning was started in very unusual way. That morning, a thunderstorm hit entire Delhi. I woke up at 6 am and left the home around 8 am to reach my office in Noida. I often travel in the metro, but on that day, Metro services were on a hold due to the bad weather condition. I could not miss my office, especially on that day… It took me so much time to reach there.


I then decided take my car and got stuck in the heavy jam. The scenario was terribly freaking me… Roads were blocked due to fallen trees and wire cables…



In the meanwhile, I got a call from Akshay (my office mate) and he told me that I have an important meeting at 11 in the office; he expected me to be there on time.







Akshay- Intehaaaaaa ho gayi… Intezaar ki…. Aaayi naa kuch khabar mere yaar ki…

Me- Yaar got stuck in a jam.. tu kaise bhi kar ke boss ko sambhaal.. main yahan kuch sochti hu

Akshay- Jaldi aayiye.. woh sadu aaj warna saari bhadas nikaal dega tujhpe..

Me—Han han, I am coming.

I got an idea and open the skype and started giving presentation to my clients. I completed it over my smart computer-tablet and shared with them via team viewer. After all, this meeting was much important for our company. I could not miss it at any cost!


“Congrats Ms. Anuja, this is the best presentation we have ever seen from your company. I appreciate your efforts. We thought that this thunderstorm will delay you, but you did it on time,” my client appreciated my efforts.




I reached office at 2 pm and got ready for another meeting. But this time, the second party was missing. I called them and got to know that those were still stuck in the jam and will unable to attend this meeting.






I decided to make a conference over messenger using mera ek matra sahara T100

This is the technology that had turned “handshake” into “handwave.” Time to transform guys!

(I must tell you – this T100 make me hooked to its transformity. I am just happy as I got two things in this – a laptop and a tablet. ek teer se do shikaar ;))

I then opened my official mail id on tablet and started conference meeting…

Did I tell that I am working in a news channel? After all these things, it was my time to cover the story on this thunderstorm.





I covered the story with my tablet camera. I made a video and within few minutes it was on Youtube and then on News channel. I was happy to read responses on my mails for my story.



I told yesterday in my office that I need to leave for a half day as I needed to attend my mom dad’s 25th anniversary. But as I came late, I could not make it. I called my husband and asked him to open skype there so that I could join them over there.


dialog 2




online money transfer

All of a sudden, I got a call from my daughter who was studying in Dehradun. She was in need of money. I transferred amount to her account in just 2 minutes.

I took pictures, given presentation, attended meeting & my family function, made a video for my story and checked mails with few clicks… All I did with my damn tablet without getting affected with this unexpected thunderstorm today… I can still download and watch a movie over it…Ahhh thanks to its long hours battery support 🙂

Now this is what I call a THUNDERSTORMIC performance!



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