#VelfieOnNokiaXL – Bigger is Better- My Indimeet experience

Unlike other meets, this Indiblogger meet became special one for me. I don’t know the reason exactly. Well, the only reason going for this meet was NOKIA. I am a Nokia fan and before having this irritating Lenovo Tablet, I was really happy with my Nokia X2 phone. Though, the program was just like other meets. Actually no! This time Indiblogger team came up with so many games due to which bloggers got more chances to get a minute fame.


From pool game to Roti-belo round, everything was so enjoyable. How can I forget the hosts- Our Pyaare Master Chefs- Vikas Khanna and Rajiv Makhni. I left from the meet as it was already 9 pm, to thodi bohot chize miss hui hain… indiblogger page pe you can have some pics. Can you see a young girl holding “belan” in her hands… That’s Rajiv Makhni’s daughter! Ouch…he is married.

Mudda bada-beheter kyu hai

NokiaXL Bigger is better because…. a chit was given to us when we entered in the Hotel. We need to fill it with fine idea.

Nokia XL BIGGER IS BETTER BECAUSE – SPACE is the thing that everyone’s looking for” I wrote.

Why? I wish I would tell it over the stage instead of making a story when Rajiv asked reason behind the idea…It could be from our personal life experience… I would have won that Nokia XL actually! My fiancé asked me why I sometimes behave like an idiot; he also said I would have won the round if I didn’t speak that “BOYFREINDS” from the mouth. Hmmm.. I think he said right…

What I really thought about my idea was only that Lenovo tab. Kabhi kabhi sochti hu… kya sach me bada beheter hai.. I seriously bought this tab due to big screen and this is where I made mistake… It’s internal memory. I forgot to consider it’s internal memory capacity. And what’s now.. I am only using whatsapp, twitter, facebook and youtube over it. JUST a FEW APPS, you know what I MEAN. And what’s more irritating… I need to delete my whatsapp chat…that sometimes makes ‘him’ to doubt on me (why I deleted my whatsapp chats). I hope you are reading it and getting it Why I ACTUALLY DELETED MY CHATS. I hope you are getting and gift me a new mobile soon…better gift Nokia as I won a portable charger of Nokia handset in the meet 😉 that charger is awesome..he is on trip presently and using it.


NOKIA XL APPTASTING, by name I think it should have a LOT MORE SPACE where user can actually experience APPTASTING. This bigger is better round was truly amazing for me…Though a bit embarrassing as well…but koi na.. Life me yahi seekha hai, Never regret on the thing that gives you a little happiness. (I REALLY HAVE WON THAT NOKIA XL 😦 and I’m not regretting) Kash jeeta hota to review bhi dedeti.

Yeh #velfie velfie kya hai


Velfie is a video selfie. You can actually capture your perfect velfie moment with Nokia XL front camera. There was a velfie game as well played on stage. I mean how crazy is this… capturing velfie while wearing a t-shirt using ONE HAND. You can do everything with one hand, but you can’t wear a t-shirt! Can you? Well, participants did it and made it happen! We bloggers are too much creative, bas kabhi ghamand nahi kiya 😉

Ab kya.. har indimeet experience me zaroori thodi hai ki sab kuch likhun… experience me memorable moments likhe jaate hain. My experience was better than before. I just wish the team will keep on organizing meets and we bloggers will get OUR SPACE for some time.


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