5 Things Can Be Learn From a BREAKUP

Breakups… Sound realistic especially when you were with that ‘WRONG’ person. And what should I say about after life? It sometimes painful… sometimes… a deadly one! But anyways, as ‘free spirit’ says- “breakups BREAK you and empower you to stay UP. I think that’s why they named it as “breakup”. Scars become lousy and sometimes eternal. What is more important for a person during that phase? For me, it’s just living… living and breathing both.


After all, life does not stop for anything, not even for you, then why you should be? I mean I know it’s an easy way to say such things, but

“Sach ko jitni jaldi apna liya jaaye utna behtar hota hai na.”


Love-breakup-zindagi is the reality that 10 out of 8 individuals are facing each day. Committing suicide or giving up on life is the same thing that almost everyone is doing. But you know what makes me crazy? I think you don’t need to guess…do you?

“Ek hi to life hai, use bhi aise udaas hokar jiye to kya jiye.” Wo kehte haina aajkal break up party ka zamaana hai… chill maro, khush raho. Thoda dard hota hai.. par jhelne wale to tsunami bhi jhel lete hain fir to yeh break up hai 😉

Coming to the point, I got few things that a person learn or should learn from a BREAKUP period.


Don’t lose in-TRUST


This often happens to every individual who faces serious breakups. I know you lose the most important things (remember PARENTS LOVE WILL REMAIN ON THE TOP), but that doesn’t mean you will end-up your REALism and stop trusting people. I am not saying you should trust everyone, but at least one… that one who you think he/she trusts you the way you can do. Believe me it’s not hard, though it takes time… and sometimes YEARS to move on, but this is the only rule of a breakup- keep moving on!

Trust love rather than people at times 🙂


Never fear of anything


FEAR makes you the looser. Even if you have a fear of losing the person and circumstances arise when you can’t tell him/her about. Trust me…you are going on a wrong track. Tell him/her about things that are important or related to you both. IT’S A MUST THING TO DO. You can’t just expect your life to become a fairy tale where your prince will come to save your life. A relation can survive in an environment where a couple doesn’t hesitate of sharing anything with each other. If such things happen, that simply means they don’t believe in each other.


Do what you always wanted to do- LOVE YOURSELF


It happens when you are with someone; you start living to please them and forget to love yourself. Talking about personal experience- I can only say-

“khud se pyaar karo, khuda bhi tumse pyaar karne lagega”. It’s not like I am telling you to be MEAN, no you shouldn’t. It’s like pampering yourself and doing things which you have left just because of him/her. It’s really helpful!




Live your life to the fullest, love like a first time, hope for a beautiful future and believe in all these things! Shhhh… I revealed my love life secret today! Just because it’s a bad run of time, it doesn’t mean you will be remaining in same condition.

“Jab phoolo ke murjhaane ke baad paudhe sookha nahi karte, to janaab yeh to achhi-khaasi lambi zindagi hai.. kabtak ro kar bitaoge”

Try laughter therapy… not like others. Share your smiles with unknowns. It’s relieving and much easier to do.




*Condition apply is the most usual thing that you see on every schemes and policies and products. See, this is something very crucial to know. I always talk about this point in my other relationship related posts. This is something most important thing, especially for guys as they often forget after breakup that the girls have a life too. If you have lost something, it doesn’t mean you can .

Respect each other’s life, don’t interfere once you move out of it. It’s hurt them, and I think

“jab hum kisi se pyaar karte hain to usko hurt hota hua nahi dekh sakte”

Let them live… peacefully… as they are already living…WITHOUT YOU!


4 thoughts on “5 Things Can Be Learn From a BREAKUP

  1. Awesome post and tips Ankita, I really like all the points, the best one being the “Do what you always wanted to do- LOVE YOURSELF” This is something which can give strength to you in any case.


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