A word to inspire

Inspiration is just not a mere word. It’s like talking to life and giving her reasons to smile. Why happiness and not depression? Inspiration is something that makes you feel like you are living good life. While in case of depression; you try to find some support, some help from your friends, relatives, or spouse to get out of it.

You hate that feeling and want to recover yourself soon from it and your near and dear ones make it possible. They are the shades of inspiration; sometimes black, white or grey. Here, black is refers to those who unintentionally give you the reasons to inspire. White are your dear ones who always want to push your guts and give you some motivational tips, while grey shade people always try to pull you down and this behaviour influences you to accelerate to top.

Have you ever tried to find out what makes you do so? It’s your ‘hope’ to find some piece of inspiration or motivation. And, remember that it’s a good sign! Only a positive person can let this happen. The one, who is seeking for energy- a positive one, is an optimistic. Trust me; you are lucky if you are one of those optimistic people. They are the people who get motivation out of negativity as well. It’s like when someone calls them ‘imperfect’, they thank the person to let them know about it. You will think how foolish it is, but remember- “imperfection leads to wise characters”. So, next time when they make you realize about something you can’t do in a perfect way, don’t forget to credit them as they gave you a chance to improve yourself.


Life is all about living with sorrow, sharing smiles and motivating lives. So, from now onwards when life gives you lemons, make lemonade of it! It’s not about taking things seriously, but optimistically anyhow. Be like a child and enjoy this life. It’s an only way to make things better than bitter.


2 thoughts on “A word to inspire

  1. Hi Ankita,

    I so loved this write up by you. Really great piece of inspiration. I agree that an optimist finds a good reason behind everything, even in bad things.
    I just adored the example of the tutor and the student.
    Glad I read this essay by you.



    • Thank you Anupam. 🙂 I will keep on trying to bring such stuff for my readers 🙂 thank you for your feedback, I truly appreciate you for this.


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