It’s about ‘we’

Story so far—-

On youtube, a video about married couple has made me emotional. And I would like to share with you, I am sure your love will get increase for your spouse. This video shows the importance of getting closer to each other

The life tests you in so many ways. After marriage, two families share bonds with each other. Giving time to every family member, especially for a girl is essential. What about husband who came at home late night after working in the office? This thought always disturbs me whenever I think about it. He still can’t manage to meet me, and after marriage, though we will be together for life, still I have a doubt that I will ever get success in recognizing each of his habit.

If you ask me now how far would I go with him to know him better, then I don’t really have any idea. Coz its always a less time spent when you are with your spouse. I think what’s more important is the way they treat each other. If any one of them takes the other for granted then there is no meaning of going to outdoor locations and spending time. We spend our time with those who are worthy of our time. So, for me distance does not matter. All I need is him and beautiful moments to live.

Need your blessings!


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