The battle I lost and won


Since ages, people are fighting with time. Some curse it fully while some do compromise with it. In my past life, I never ever was in favour of time or situations. I cursed my destiny; I cursed everything which was responsible for losing ‘the girl’ inside me. Whatever happens or had happened or will happen is not what we plan, but what our destiny selects for us. I know many of you won’t believe the word ‘destiny’. Even I was not a fan of it, but then situations changed, time changed, and people also, whose fault was it? Was that me? Was that the lack of time I was giving to myself to think and react in different  situations? Or was that destiny plans for me? I think it was her only.

In life, we do think that we are the sole creator of our destiny regardless the fact that it’s our destiny that mold us into a person that we are today. Fighting is the only solution you may need. Fight with time, with any situation, for your people, but not with your people. After all, this life is a long journey, and no one likes to walk alone over the path. I know when you are 18, you start making plans about your living. Target list, achievements, what to do, what not to do… these are the things that you start thinking over when it’s about your career.

When I was 18, I too had a dream. Dream to become a well-known person, may be a writer or anything like that. Oh yes, I was not sure about my career. But as they say, everyone needs a serious push to achieve the goals. I want to thank the one who is responsible for making me what I am today. If I am expressing my feelings, it’s the person who made me learn about my ‘this ‘side. I also want to thank one more person, who made me grow every time with time.

Life can never be easy until you want to make it easy. It’s like a mirror. If you saw it like a saddest being, it will look like one. To be happy, you have to learn  to compromise with the time. Appreciate the things you have, it’s important for a happy life. It shows you different perspectives, it depends on which perspective you are going to choose.

The battle with time can never be won until you know how to ditch time. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible too. Do the things that make you happy. Climb on the tree, make others smile, scream with your buddies, cry when you are alone, it could be anything. Just remember, you are the reason behind your happiness. It’s you who is going to choose to be a happy or sad person within you. That’s how I won, that’s how it should be won. I know, it’s not really hard to fight, but nothing can be toughest like fighting for your own. I had fought for myself, I lost, and then I finally won.

Tricky isn’t? That defines my life! I hope my readers will get that hidden message about life.

Good Night


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