Chhota recharge- A worth one!

I love winters, but at a same time, my hair hates it the most. You can try spas in big saloons (people who have extra money do the same!), but for me, it is still a waste of money.  I know I am not the only person who has started talking about the great ‘Dadi maa ke nuskhe.’ Still, I would like to share few tips (chhota recharge) that I gathered from here and there for recharging hair: ImageMost of the girls have tried this and got satisfactory results. But, sometimes, not everything is made for everyone and so for me too! Still, it’s a way cheaper than paying huge bills for hot oil massage in parlour.


No!! I am not here to promote unhealthy habits. I mean you can use beer to wash off your hair. Just make sure that your scalp is not allergic to alcohol. Beer will not give good result, unless it suits you. And if in case you are low, this chhota recharge can be useful for a time! Remember – a time, not on regular basis 😉       3

Typical girl!! I know, even I sometimes jealous of long hair that my friends are having. We girls don’t get jealous of anything, but of course girls only! Still, oil is the best chhota recharge that is available in everyone’ home. Coconut or almond hair oil are from hot pick 🙂 Avoid coconut oil in winters as it can get deposit over scalp that will a bit unimpressive.





Just recharge your new vespa and forget all your problem 😉 at least for a while. You can drive long and enjoy its great mileage. So, I think it will be your Perfect Chhota Recharge- a worth one!



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