Birthday Surprises for your boyfriend

It’s a myth that boys don’t like surprises. But I want to tell you that guys too love surprises, it’s just the level is a bit different from girls. If your boyfriend’s birthday is near and you want to plan out something special for him, you can have plenty of options that will make his day more special. Remember that he won’t tell you about his demands; it’s you who will go and make up the things. After all, who does not like sweet gestures?

Let’s make his day an unforgettable one with following ideas:

Cook for him

Things you can do – Tell your maid to rest on the day or give her a leave and decide the menu items, which he likes the most. Believe in saying ‘the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach.’ Trust me! He will love it when you specially cook for him. From morning breakfast to dinner, you can become a special cook for the day. You can start from a fruit punch with some healthy fruit salad. This will make him feel light and energetic.


What I did– It was a challenge for me. As my fiancé told me last year that he won’t cut the cake without her mother. This time, I got an idea to celebrate his birthday with/out a cake. I made Dhokla just to make sure he will cut it. (After all, it was not a cake 😉 ) Friends loved that idea and appreciated my efforts. He loved it that I remembered this thing. (Though, it’s natural. When you love someone, you can never forget such small yet important things related to him/her).

Crafty is better

Things you can do – Of course, there are supermarkets outside from where you can buy a greeting card for him. But, for his birthday, be more personal by giving your personal touch to the things; even for that greeting card. You can make a small greeting card by using cartridge sheet or fluorescent sheets and glitters. It does not matter if you can’t draw a perfect face man, you don’t need to make his sketch. Just be you and design a card for him by using his favorite colors.

What I did-I made a customized calendar for him on his birthday. I putted all his friends’ images including his family. It was really good and he loved that surprise a lot. It was really worth 🙂


Remember it’s his birthday, not yours

Plan a surprise for him and make him feel special. He is a guy, he will not like the moment you gift him a teddy bear! Choose few gifts according to his taste. A watch, a new Blackberry, a surprise holiday, or anything else that he likes will work on that day. If he is doing a job, you can bring a formal shirt of his favorite color. Be a perfect woman for him by gifting him super excited moments on his birthday.

Don’t repeat your last year ideas

He is fond of watches does not mean you will gift him a new watch every time on his birthday. Think different! Prepare a fresh plan for his birthday. Do you like when he does same things every year on your birthday? No, you don’t, so keep his expectations above the average. Be his favorite girl and act smartly.

Sometimes fun inside home is good than dining at restaurant

Bring few DVDs of the movies he likes. Watching a film together will bring you close to each other. Imagine the fragrance of popcorn and butter, a comfortable couch, movie, you and him. Isn’t romantic?

Organize a party

Organizing a birthday party is also a good idea. You can hire any party organizer and give him details about the same. You can create a special album in which a bunch of pictures (his and yours together) can be used.

You can get the best one according to your budget at the website. You just need to explore.

Writing a song is a new trend

A very creative and lovable idea it is! You can gift him a song on his birthday or simply write a poetry for him. Express your love towards him. As they say- love is to be felt.

What I did-  I approached professional music composer who could give a tune to my words. We did it and I gifted him a song. It was really pleasant moment, moreover an emotional one! It feels good when someone feels so much special ‘coz of you. ❤


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