Life is All About the Principles

There are some believes and rules that people apply to their lives. Some don’t drink and drive, some don’t drink anyways, some visit temple every Tuesday, and some do something what they believe or find somewhat truth. The principles they create bound them to live a strict lifestyle. Someone asked me what the problem of a person is when he/she does not listen to anyone else and do things whatever he/she wants or believes. Is it the ego that makes them so rigid? I said “no, it’s not.” Life is all about the principles you choose for your lifestyle. When you think you will not do something you don’t like in your entire life, that’s your principles, which make that thing possible.

Principles teach you not to bend where you are not supposed to. They are the truth that your soul accepts and since childhood people follow them. I am from one of those who also believe that “a person may make ethics to live a life, but they are the ethics that make a person- a human in life.” I can’t compromise, I don’t want to; with my principles. I can compromise this life, I can negotiate my wishes, but principles are not in the list of to do things like that. I made them to follow for my entire life. If someone wants to call me egoistic person; he/she can call me by the name. The thing I know is that every person has a golden formula to live his/her life in a peaceful way. Whatever happen, happens! They hardly care when it comes on rules they made. I am one of them and I can proudly say this.

I know how it feels when you need to pact your own rules and do the things what others want from you. I won’t say you should fight and have a hand-on-hand with them. I would rather suggest you to be rigid at the moment and say them “no.” What they will do? Nothing! No one can force you to work according to them unless you want them to make this happen. If you think you should not do that, you should stop yourself when things are not matching with your belief.

Today, I again realize the rule that I made for this life-entire life. I remember when there were circumstances that tested me; I did not break my principle that time. And I won’t break it this time, and I will keep it safe for lifetime! Whatever happen, happens! I hardly care.



9 thoughts on “Life is All About the Principles

  1. Well written! But sometimes circumstances force us to bring about a change to break that rigidness. Maybe that would be temporary but we would require to change those embedded principles and adapt. To survive. So I think, the rule that you made for your entire life maybe subject to change.


    • I think the rule I made for my entire life can never change. I know people need to change time by time, still there should be something that should remain in themselves for life.


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