Disc Jockey (DJ) as a career – Creative Job!

Are you a party freak? Do you enjoy the moment your ears heard loud music? Do you find music is your life and rhythms its beats? If your answer is yes for these questions, then be ready to make people groove! You can be a DJ (Disc Jockey) and make earnings while enjoying your job. It’s not tough to find out your taste of music. If you love to entertain the crowd with rhythms that go with their taste, then you can be a crowd-pleaser. This style generally can be seen at private events, weddings, and small parties. Or else, if you have a talent to create your own tunes, then you can be a musician or specialist in particular music genre. Such style of DJ makes the crowd groove over their tunes. Nightclubs are the places where they can do experiment with turn tables and mixers.


What it takes to become a good DJ?

Observe your Idol – Follow the best DJ you admire. Observe him/her as much as you can. Concentrate over the composition they make and manage the crowd. Asking for few tips after the show gets over is a good idea. You can approach your idol and ask them related to music that you need to know. Trust me, most of the DJs become glad and help others if they found them serious.

Inspiration is the source of confidence – Believe in good and you will be a good DJ. Look after for professionals from whom you can get some inspiration. It will really help you in building confidence.

Develop skills for mixing- Mixing the beats is not an easy way out. It involves more efforts than you can see. The perfect blend of beat that is created by DJ without losing a constant beat while changing the song to another. It is the task where every second counts! Many DJs use pre recorded music at shows, but there are some experts who give live performances.

Knowledge of all genres is important – You should have knowledge of all kind of genres as it is really important to know about every kind of music, especially when you are going to make it as your career. Some Music Genres are:

  • Trance
  • Electro
  • Breakbeat
  • House
  • Techno
  • Downtempo
  • Progressive
  • Hardcore
  • Jungle
  • Drum and Bass
  • Dubstep
  • Hip-Hop

Your search is not end here; you can explore more genres on internet.

With the changing time, generation is getting more creative. The vocational courses are getting limelight since few years and it feels great when people find event life so good in India. Still there are some people who think that making a career in music can never give them success. It’s not true. If you are passionate about your dream, it will come true one day. All you need is concentration and love towards music. After that, there are many places where you can showcase your talent and get a job. Event India helps such talent and introduces them to the corporate world. If you think your passion will make your dream come true; Event India will help you and promote your work worldwide.

So, how many of you are planning for the same? Don’t forget to feedback!


5 thoughts on “Disc Jockey (DJ) as a career – Creative Job!

    • Yes Couponvilla. It’s a good way to have a fun-filled job. And generation is talented, they are looking for such creative ideas to add in their life.


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