Technology Innovates Life

I completely agree that technology helps us in enhancing our innovative skills. This time it was #hpinkadvantage – HP printer. After watching the demo given by the anchor, I was thinking of my school days. I remember when I participated in fancy dress competition. My parents didn’t sleep and made that Colgate paper dress for me in the late night. I wish if this technology was invented in that time I could have won 1st position instead of 2nd. The dress they made for me was good, but with the use of HPinkjet technology, it could have then vibrant looks in lesser time. Well, that’s a part. I don’t have a habit of regretting things. But, what I want to say is that technology really helps us in getting out with some innovation.


Colgate Dress
Yes! That’s me 🙂

Earlier, you need to buy colorful story books for your children, but now, you can simply create short motivational series and make them print out for your children. Isn’t cool? Learning and enjoying together. Aaah I wish I could be a kid again!

That hidden artist inside me

“So, are you ready for today Ankita?” I mumbled while looking into the mirror. Indiblogger once again announced meet in Delhi and I was super excited even more than my first Indimeet. One thing which I like about Inditeam is that they never disappoint any Indiblogger. I am saying this because I have seen how much they are dedicated for them. Well, this time it was something different. Different because it was the first time in the history of Indiblogger meets that an Indiblogger can attend the meet along with his/her family members. Sounds good na? Even I was happy when I came to know about this. I registered my name along with my fiance.

I remember my first Microsoft 365 office meet. The passion, the feel, the crowd and everything else made me to fall in love. Remembering that day I reached up to the location – Global Arcade, M.G. Road, Gurgaon with my fiance.

Energetic Iyaan
The Most Energetic Kid- Iyaan

“He is so cute!” I shouted like a child while seeing a little kid playing inside the hall.

It was just amazing. Bloggers and their family- it was mind-blowing concept of Indimeet about HP Print Art. From “Old McDonald had a farm to theme birthday party organizing,” everything was overwhelming. This time I got the chance for – ‘30 Second fame’ for which, I waited since last meet.

Technology Innovates Life!

The interesting moment for all indibloggers was when they had given us 30 minutes for planning an event party. We got the Pirate theme and the team was – Mickey Advantage. And yes! We won cute HP speakers. Oh! I forget to add that my fiance also won 500 bucks in the number game; thanks to my choice of number 😉

We are family
We are family!

I only got disappointed at Lunch table. Guys please, next time add some more veg dishes in the list. Anyways! Talking about the meet experience – it was FUN-filled-time. Love you Inditeam!!


7 thoughts on “Technology Innovates Life

  1. i dont believe you shared that old cute pic.. awww.. you always look so cute in that colgate pouch :p and yeah.. team indiblogger is cool .. thanks to rinieee and kartikey who helped me a lot there 😉


  2. Ah! Loved that old pic that you shared… and I’m sure it was your mother’s involvement and enthusiasm that helped you win that prize. And you’re right… had it been 2013, an HP printer would’ve made her task easier, faster, and probably brighter!

    Nice to know that you’ve won two prizes in the meet! Indiblogger zindabad!!

    Arvind Passey


    • 🙂 Yup, she is much creative person. And it was my luck Arvind sir. But I can’t beat yours 😉 Yours is truly amazing! It must be your ‘lady luck’ that always work. 🙂


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