The Healing Storm

Sometimes in life, you face few unexpected moments, which give you a blend of tears and pleasure at the same time. The girl Anushka was thinking to write down this same feeling few days back and thanked a person who was the reason behind it via the post on her blog. He does not know what he did then, but Anushka thanked him to treat her that time nicely. In life, there are people who are somewhere responsible for the hidden pain inside you, and they are the one who can only console you for that. She still finds her friends talking about him.

They still ask her whether she has moved on or not. That is not a question, she says every time to them – “Of course, I moved on. But, that doesn’t mean I can hear anything for him. I know few of you will see this with a doubt; my friend and even my fiancé sometimes taunts me about the same. But, I think when you know your misdeeds, you don’t have any right to point out someone else mistakes. What he did was his part of story, and what I did was mine. No one has right to judge him or me.”

Anushka was aware of her mistakes and so, she could not blame him for their broken long-term relationship. Her every family member curses her for those mistakes…‘mistakes’ in the eyes of her parents, but not for Anushka. She was not afraid of confronting people, but she was indeed hurt whenever her ears found lupine words for him or about their past. She used to think what mistake she was doing due to which people are finding reasons to curse him. She did not get any answers. She was thinking of the matter and found that it’s her who is the reason behind it. The problem was her nature that does not know how to end up with things. She broke up the relationship, but she could not end up the things in a right manner.

She failed to express to people what she felt, and hold that thing in the shape of grudge and frustration. She did not know what she was doing with herself. It was making her life more complicated. She did not want any person to meet and say worse or bad about the guy and their past. It was their life, they ended up in their way.

“Tum milna kabhi to yun hi Muskurate hue milna,

Tumhari hasi tumhare aansuon se zyada pyaari hai”

There was a time when she got hurt, but did not bear the pain alone. He was too got hurt; she neglected that in front of her pain. The only end to console her was to find a way to give him a little happiness, a little satisfaction, and a little good moment to cherish for life.


She was afraid of contacting him. She had thought many times, even typed and then deleted few texts.

“Hi, hope you are doing well” She texted.

“Hi Anushka, everything is good. What about you?” He replied to her.

She was stunned after receiving his reply. She did not expect that she will get any response from his side, but as they say, life is full of unexpected things; especially her own life.

“I’m good. How’s everyone there? I was missing you all. I talked to everyone few days back. I hope I am not annoying anyone.”

“That’s not a valid question Anushka!”

Anushka was waiting for his reply and after reading it, she did not get it. She told and then he told her that – “you should not think like that you are annoying me or them.”

She was relaxed for the moment.

“Your writing skills are now improved . I read your blog regularly. Your deep thoughts are just superb. How you manage to collect them?” He seemed happy while telling this to her.

“Really? Hmmm, sorry for the last time. It was all my anger; I did not mean to treat you like that.” She further said.

“Nevermind ;)” He replied.

“So, anything new at your side? Planning to get married?” He questioned.

“No, not now. Not at least for next two years.” She answered him.

“hmmm, how is he?” He further asked her.

“He is fine, and she?” She cross-questioned him.

“She is good.” He replied.

Anushka and the guy continued the conversation till the morning. They were talking to each other after a year. But, the way they were chatting seemed to be very rare. She has seen many people who once stopped talking with each other, and then never turn around. In this case, she found a friendly side of him who heard her, and does not shouted or pointed out any silly mistakes of her. In life, there are moments when you go into flashback and remembering things to cherish. She was a bit unlucky to find those moments, but had got fewer to make herself smile. She remembers the time he motivated her for her writing skills, and today, she could not find any difference. Although everything has changed, they both are living their life, separately, but happy. Still, she finds that few things can never change. The soft corner she holds for him can never dilute and even he can’t delete her existence from his life.  She has stopped loving him, he too. They both have got engaged now, and both are busy in loving their partners more than ever.

Few may get confused, but that’s OK. Not everything is meant to explain.


The moment she talked and they shared few words, made her satisfied. She was satisfied seeing him happy. She was satisfied as her ‘free spirit’ was consoled. She did not expect anything from him, but only respect. The wounds or words, the scars, and everything she gave and received were last for the day. He treated her with respect this time. She does not know what he thinks about her when she messaged him. She does not want to think about it. The thing she only knew that she won’t regret for the moment she contacted and talked to him. Her closer ones, family member or any friend may think or get it wrong, but for her, there was nothing wrong. She doesn’t bother what the world will say, but she prayed for him from God to be there for him. She thanked lord for being there for her in her bad times. She knows what she wants now. She knows and recognizes her desires. She does not want to lose her love- her fiance this time. She prayed for everyone’s happiness. And, she all did right to give the story a right end.

The end


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