Negligence end up everything!

I was so depressed after hearing the suicide news of young actress Jiah Khan … not because I am a huge fan of her, but because she killed herself for the sake of someone who did not even bothered, who had never and will never care for her presence or absence. I got a list of thousand questions and nil answer for them has made my soul so uncomfortable… I have heard of Shivani when I was only 10 years… then heard of Jessica, Parveen Babi and then Damini… read a lot about all the woman and has always thought to talk to them… until the day I found this application named we chat where I could easily group people to talk and so tried finding the souls with the help of my friend… soon we got connected to all the victims since I born and brought up… here I am writing the whole chat we all did when I asked a simple question in the group.

Me : Hello

Parveen Babi : hello ankita

Shivani : hi ankita

Jessica : hello

Damini : hello

Me : how have you been friends…

Parveen Babi: 🙂

Shivani : tell us why have you ping on we chat ?

Me : oh sorry , I just can’t sleep thinking over it again and again… being a girl I cannot just let it go what happened to you. I got my own questions, I got some weird dreams about you all… please help me souls…

Jessica : let Jiah come.. Add her as well…

Me : oh sure let me add her till then can I ask you a personal question damini ?

Damini : sure ..

Me : what is your real name ?

Damini : why would you want to know that.. Are you too wanted to symbolize it with cast?? And anyways I don’t want to reveal my personal identity for the sake of my family’s future. I know how much the bear after this all happen to me.

Me : sorry, I didn’t mean that

Jiah : hello every one.

Me : hello jiah

Shivani : so here you are Jiah, another victim of manhood.. Unlike me you chose to die at once forever and killed you self… Alas I could ran before I got killed.. or you could fight before you committed suicide..

Jiah : I could not run from me. I could not run from the love I expected and gave to him.

Jessica : I Loved a guy too, but that’s an old story now, I wanted to live for my family, I was the one earning bread and butter for them but  Sigh !!!

Jiah : I know how it exactly feels to be the only person earning for a family.. But I guess I was helpless from everywhere, I could not think more. I could not sustain… I was a failure.

Parveen – neither could I , I tried to forget but they forgot me so easily and rapidly that I could not. What hurts more is the negligence. What hurts more is the feeling of become a thing from a person. And that exactly happened to me, to us. Scars and bruises given by my own closer ones are still undiscovered.

Wait let me share a video with you all –

Shivani : I guess the beauty is a killer. What have I done? I only married the one I loved and sacrificed my career for him. All I asked for was loyalty and a little care. But then what? He burnt me in a tandoor.. He buried me like I am a bitch, like a piece of wood turned in to coal to get burn.

Jessica : No the killer is not the beauty but the arrogance. The urge to be the best among all species is the reason. The fake reputation for being a male and the habit of watching things with their price tag. They deny the fact that not everything has come with a price tag; not the woman at least.

Shivani : agree with you Jessica. Alas we could make this clear to the men killed us for no reason, but to satisfy their ego. I had no complaint to him but to me that I could not fight him and let him kill me the way he wanted. Parveen this video shows all your pain… Eyes are lashing  😥

Damini : what have I done there ? Anyways my name is Jyoti Singh Ankita, but I could be Jiah khan. I could be Jessica, Parveen or Shivani. I could be you.

I : yes You could be me as well or say I could be there instead of you. You are now free at least, but I still have to live in this whole haunted earth. It’s a place, which is full of wolves and having hunger for lust. I don’t find safe even in my home sometimes. Not that I am afraid of my father or brother.. but I am afraid of the person having gun in his hand can come in my home and might rape me here kill me brutally inside and then could made me suicide with the grief inside.. I might be burnt in a tandoor. I am a girl and if this can happen to you. This can happen to any girl…

Parveen Babi : you should take care of being in love and trust .. Trust is something cannot be expected from everyone but your own soul… The world is not worth living if you cannot handle your emotions to trust someone so easily. Love yourself, remember yourself, and the world will remember you then.

Shivani : I am glad that this chat connected us to tell you the whole but the story doesn’t ends here. People today don’t even remember me. They forgot what happened to Jessica , they don’t care why Parveen attempt suicide. I am afraid the same will happen to Jiah and nobody even tried to find who damini was.

Damini : In fact there are so many girls killed brutally before me, got rapped and attempt suicide or they got lost in silence. People know me now and they protested for justice. But they should have started running classes for men.


I : I am speechless . I got no words to justify my feelings right now and I am stunned you bear so much…
Thanks for telling me about your inside story. But what should be the conclusion then??  Should we all keep dying because of men or we should start fighting against them? Please guys, on the video call and tell me the ways for the same.




jiah khan

Jiah : tell your brothers, sons to respect a women as they give you life as a mother, love as a girlfriend, family as a wife and pride as a daughter.





Parveen : tell your society to judge a woman with what she do, not by what happened to her. Believe her when she trusts you. Do not promise when you can’t fulfill them.






Jessica : Tell your sons to be a man enough to accept rejection, to be strong enough not to lost their conscious.’







Shivani : tell your daughters to fight back, tell them not to bow, but to stand together. Tell them not to afraid as your being afraid makes them eve strong and brutal.







Damini : They should make them learn how to respect a girl, a woman, a daughter, and a wife. When the men community start giving the respect to feminism, no girl or a lady then need a protector. They should awake the inside soldier, who can protect the girl, even when he don’t know her by name.






I suddenly felt a shiver inside which scared me at the moment. I woke up with a new thought. With a new hope. And a lesson- lesson to be strong. I learn to be a teacher, not for the world, but for my family at least.


10 thoughts on “Negligence end up everything!

  1. I really appreciate the idea behind your post and your sincere effort at understanding the untold stories. Just one thing though, is that really ‘Damini’s’ picture? I saw this photograph doing the rounds on Facebook as spam. It’s not her, as was clarified later. Good luck for the contest! 🙂


  2. An eye-opener in every sense! Ankita you have a good imagination and perfect mind set to create such beautiful posts. Keep writing. You have the power of the pen! 🙂 Cheers! 😀


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