The Romeo et Juliet Remix Story

It’s when my friends’ (Harry) girlfriend (Shikha) asked him what he will do if their parents won’t agree to let them get married. She also told him that she will kill herself for him just like Juliet did for Romeo, if that so happen. When my friend told me about this, I was actually thinking of the story- The Romeo and Juliet. We were chatting on the phone through an app and I fall asleep. I was into deep sleep.

Harry – Abey Saaley, kuch solution bata. Yeh to jaan dene ki baat kar rahi hai.

Arjun – Saaley, Shakespeare ki kitaab usko gift karne ko kis ullu ke paththe ne kaha tha tujhe.

Harry – Tera hi idea tha. “Harry, you should add a flavor of romance in your love life. Gift her Romeo and Juliet on your Anniversary.” Yahan romance to hua nahi, jaan dene tak baat pohoch gayi hai.

Arjun – Abey mujhe kya pata tha teri girlfriend itni idiot hogi ki kitaabi baton par bharosa karlegi

Harry – Enough now. Sahi sochta hu, tu hai hi chunnu.

Arjun – han han ab to mujhe hi gaali dega. Jaa jaake Shakespeare se bol ki story ka end theek kar, warna meri hone wali biwi apni jaan dedegi shaadi se pehle :p

Harry – Tu ruk, tuje pata nahi hai main kis kis ko janta hu. Abhi btata hu. (He added a person into chat)

William – hello young man, tell me thy problem.

Arjun – thy… sounds familiar, who are you.

William – I am William.

Arjun – Oh, Hi William. For a moment, I thought I am talking to Shakespeare. 😉

Harry – 🙂 he is Shakespeare.

Arjun – What? No way!

William – So, thou have problem with Romeo and Juliet

Arjun – I could not believe it’s you.

Harry – Speak up now. Ask him what you were about to ask from me.

Arjun – Shakespeare sir, why you killed characters Romeo and Juliet in the end. It could have the better end.

William – That has to be done. It was my story. I did justice with all of my characters.

Harry – Seriously? Do you know, your play is ruining my future?

Arjun – Chill Harry. We will make it up. William will do it 🙂

William – no, thou are joking right? I can’t change the past.

Arjun – Yes, you can’t. But you can change the future.

Harry – And save my future 😀

William – I can’t make them relive the characters.

Arjun – Oh come on! You are kidding me right? They are thy characters. You can do anything at anytime.

William – They have gone on vacations in India. I don’t have their numbers they are using.

Arjun – Where?

William – They may visit Delhi today.

Harry – Great! We will find them 😉

William – Magic can be seen in books or at magic show!

Arjun – We have a great app – Wechat. You don’t know what magic it can do.

I thought of places where the Romeo and Juliet can go. Delhi is a cool place to hangout, but I don’t know much about romantic places. They are the most romantic couple, so they should be at some place that truly made for lovers. Firstly, I went to Connaught Place, then some parks. I was using an app to stay connected with my buddies. I asked Trisha (my ex) for the help. I think I will never find anyone like her. She is my best friend, I share everything with her and she always solves the problems. I hope she will solve this too.

Arjun – Hey Trisha. Hope you are doing well. Where are you?

Trisha – I’m doing great. Just beside you 😉

Arjun – It’s serious. I need a help.

I told her everything over video call and asked to look around Romeo and Juliet.

Trisha – Well, I am at Karol Bagh. I could not found them. I will try and get back to you soon.

Suddenly after an hour I got a ping from her.

Trisha – Hey you there? They are here.

Arjun – Great! Add them in a group chat. I will bring few people at there.

“Romeo et Juliet Remix story” created by Trisha

Harry – Hey, good to see you here Trisha.

Trisha – I wish I could say this to you too.

Harry – Nevermind.

Arjun – Hold on guys. Trisha Where are they?

Romeo – Hi everyone.

Juliet – Hey lovely people.

William – what are ye doing here?

Romeo and Juliet – Master!

Arjun – I told you, it’s Wechat 😉

Harry – it’s both of you who are making my girlfriend mad. She is planning to get die.

Romeo and Juliet – What?

Juliet – She must be a lover then.

Romeo – Lover? She? You are saying this?

Juliet – So? What’s wrong in that? I also died for you. The whole world knows.

Romeo – Pardon? You died? Oh lord save me. You drunk fake poison, I didn’t know that being a princess why could not you afford some good poison to drink!

Juliet – That was William’s plan. He is the culprit.

William – That has to be done. See, you guys are loved by lovers. 😀

Romeo – we would love by their parents too, if you had written it with a better end.

Juliet – It’s you William, we will blame you for this.

Oh my goodness. I didn’t know that Romeo and Juliet themselves hated the end of their story.

Arjun – PEACE!!!

Harry – I didn’t know that. Pity you Romeo and Juliet!

Arjun – It’s your fault, William is not a culprit. Romeo could have made her run.

Romeo – I tried, she fooled me 😥

Harry – owww… Why girls always ditch in the end.

Trisha – Excuse me??

Harry – Oh you are still here. Sorry, that was not for you :p

Arjun – well guys, whatever you did has now become a problem of every lover. They want a romance like yours, but they also wanted to give a better end to this story. If you don’t mind, can I do this for all of them?

Juliet – Oh Arjun! I did not know I am talking to another writer here.

Trisha – yeah, he can do it.

William – don’t spoil my story. I beg.

Harry – Go for it Arjun. We are with you!!

Arjun – Ok, so I’m starting the end. Romeo have just saw Juliet who was trying to open the poison bottle. He stopped her and took that poison from her and asked her to wait till next dawn. Romeo entered in the kitchen where all royal chefs were preparing food for the grand celebration of Juliet’s birthday. He mixes poison and some sleeping pills that he brought with him in every dish. No dish was left by him.

Later, at celebration, food was distributed among population and the royal people. Romeo was waiting for the time they all will fall asleep. And then he could make Juliet run with him. Everyone went into deep sleep. The quantity of poison was not much to snatch their life and Romeo did not want to kill anyone. They all were in the world of dreams. Romeo took this as an opportunity and left the country.

They are living happily ever after and have 2 kids- Stuart, Bella.

Harry – Amazing!!! This is what I called happy ending. Love you bhaayi.

William – hmmm, I think I need to work on it.

Arjun – Please do, but make it a happy ending.

Trisha – Nice Arjun. You rock.

Romeo – Hey, why I didn’t think of this?

Juliet – I told you, it was William’s story :p

Ding Dong!!

Arjun, wake up. Trisha has come to see you. “Mummy?” I heard the voice of my mother.

What?? No!! Was that just a mere dream? Ghosh, what a dream it was. Well, thanks Mr. Shakespeare, I got your message. I won’t suggest Harry to kill any family member of his girlfriend if they could not marry each other for any reason. It would be better to make her run 😉   Oh Arjun! I did not know I could be a writer too. 😉  Love you Juliet!!


# I have not written this to exploit or embarrass or hurt anyone feelings. It’s just for fun. I hope you enjoyed while reading it! 😉  I enjoyed it while writing 😀

14 thoughts on “The Romeo et Juliet Remix Story

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  2. So it is good ol’ William again… but there is certainly more than just a ‘thou’ to what Shakespearean expression means, Ankita! 🙂
    Liked the idea…

    All the best!

    Arvind Passey


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