Sickollution can make you suffer- Change it asap!

It’s earth which has given handful of resources to us and what we have done in return? Ozone depletion, noise pollution, water pollution, air pollution and planning to create another category for pollution, may be sick-o-llution. I named this term because of our sick mentality that tend us to think its earth which is polluted. NO. It’s WE who polluted it. We usually write ‘there is pollution in the air.’ Sorry! But its incomplete. We need to say there is pollution in the air because of US. We are responsible for the changing weather, early monsoon, high tides, tsunami and so on. It’s not a nature call, and can never be. It’s human who call the nature by himself.

You hear news about unexpected weather change, rains, drought, etc. The channels show how many died in the flood or how many got injured, but have they told the reason and how to beat the situations? They only tell the factual things, and forget to work behind those facts. Many campaigns are running like planting trees or saving water, but why it’s still not working? Get the signs people! You need to be a LOUDER this time. For every change, you need to start it from your place.

  • Start planting trees or small plants at your terrace, it looks COOL 🙂
  • Stop taking bath in a tub, you are not a buffalo who needs that much water 😉
  • Start taking initiatives to let people know how much it’s important to SAVE YOURSELF, they will do it even in selfishness.
  • Don’t wait someone will come and teach you how to use taps. You are already learning since your school days.
  • Turn off the lights when you don’t need it, there are places where electricity is still praised like the God.
  • On facebook, twitter, tumblr, or at your blog, try to create awareness, people are really dumb to listen radios and news channels. And we know, social media can do it faster than any other media.
  • Start putting a big bowl of water and your wasted rice or chapattis (into pieces) outside your verandah or at terrace, so that birds can satisfy their hunger. Remember, humanity costs nothing.
  • You may be a rich kid of your parents who can’t breadth without AC. Trust me you can. Let the fresh air enter your home.
  • Try to use public transportation wherever possible. For short distance travelling, leave your bike for showcase. Walking is better than riding.


You are a victim of sick-o-llution if you still think that nothing will work. Start working over these points. I am sure, YOU  We can fight and win the battle. You need to decide it now because we are not in the hands of this nature, but the nature itself is in our hands. Listen it, hear it the nature call, it is saying “save me, only you can do something.’



19 thoughts on “Sickollution can make you suffer- Change it asap!

  1. nice read..:) yes we need to bring in se3nce to ourselves.. and stop treat the mother earth as some trash bin!… unless WE stop Polluting no awareness campaign can work!.:) good reminder post!..:)


  2. good points, Also, usage of plastic bags or plastic. Using LED of florescent lamps,using low flush toilets,use both sides of the paper, use recycled stuff a lot. there are many more points to follow. I wish everyone follows them.


  3. so apt !! amazing points !! except for the buffalo bath .. I am already cautious and active with everything .. be it planting trees or saving tap leaks or .. avoiding leftover while eating and in case it happens goes to the terrace for birds to feed on ! Nice post


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