Her Damaged Wings


The way she lost herself,
she could never turn around,
turn around and see how far she has reached
from her world,
from her life.

She is dead for herself- a lost soul
Many of them have notice her flying out-of-the-way
For them she was not more than a pray

Many say she is like a butterfly with damaged wings
Nobody told her about the right things
She tried to fly with those wings and
thought of flying
high and high

but the moment never came
and the butterfly found dead
untouched, but beaten by life.


2 thoughts on “Her Damaged Wings

  1. Tha poem is half written
    the butterfly could not be beaten
    She was only cursed by the demon and evil
    But she always knew her own strong will.
    The wings were not died or dried
    But those wings got burnt in the fire of curse.
    She had to burn them slowly to get the curse healed…
    She had to made herself a little more bleed.
    To be blessed by almighty god and to charm another heaven …
    A heaven of her solaly… Made by her own dreams…
    A heaven of her own to shapeup someone’s dreams 🙂


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